Show Me A House Without A Jamie Oliver Cook Book And I’ll Show You A Good Restaurant On The Northside Of Dublin


Oh, really?



Pukka Tukka From The Chubby Fukka – Jamie Oliver Dundrum,(Niall Harbison,


Thanks Cathal O’Rourke

64 thoughts on “Show Me A House Without A Jamie Oliver Cook Book And I’ll Show You A Good Restaurant On The Northside Of Dublin

  1. seany_delight

    This guy, Niall Harbison owns or owned untill Utv bought them, Simply Zesty, the social media company.

    Troll marketing one can only imagine. Pretty lame really no matter what it is. I’ll be un-following them on FB in any event.

  2. Northsidepride

    Poorly written article, littered with syntax errors and typos from a pretentious South Side prat.

    1. WTH

      Dont forget the cliches…..”eating this starter I could be in Tuscany or Umbria”……copy and paste from 1000 other Italian restaurant reviews…..

    1. Mr B to the B

      Best pizza in Ireland. Yes it is!

      Also: The Italian Quarter, the Hop House, La Bon Crubeen, Louie’s Bistro, Ely Brasserie, plus multiple more in Malahide, Howth…this game is boring. Head north once in a while, you narrow minded, south side twat!

      1. Tom Joad

        I don’t rate the hop house grub myself – you’ll get much better food in other Chinese/Korean places along that Parnell St strip.

        The Winding Stair is excellent.

        There’s a place called the Moore St Mall – a weird little basement shopping centre with entrances on Moore St/Parnell St. It has a very good Mauritian run buffet serving Indian food. Also loads of other ethnic food spots down there. Great value.

  3. Sidthesexist

    What a moron. As if there are no good restaurants on the north side of Dublin. What a complete south-side blinkered twit.

    And the Dundrum shopping mecca of all places. Probably the most bland and narrow minded places there is. Trend following central. They wouldn’t know originality or real class of their life depended on it.

    Don’t trust food critics because all of them are people who can’t do another job properly.

      1. Sidthesexist

        And the whole ‘High Street’ name usage instead of Main Street which is what we call them in Ireland.

  4. Mr Meh.

    He’s a twit- what happened to his grand idea to help someone with their online idea?? Did he bother to follow it up after it drove people to visit his crappy blog?

  5. Iorek

    Do people really care what south soiders think of the north side? Personally I quite like the fact north side has a bad reputation.. keeps all the delusional south siders out!

    1. missred

      I am a southsider living rather happily on the Northside. Not ventured too far north to its nice restaurants though.

      I hate the Dundrum town centre like nowhere else, so I will not be making a trip to Jamie’s Italian even if this tool did not make a balls of the review

  6. Victor Wong

    The blog is self-described as “without the bullshit” and prides itself on the fact that it swears, so that tells you everything you need to know about its content and its author. zzzzz

    1. Spaghetti Hoop


      Recommend all here move on from the blog and stop feeding the troll’s ego. And move on from this jaded Northside/Southside contest. Some great places in each. Get out o’ yer boxes and straddle both sides.

  7. collie147

    He’s a Xenophobe and everything north of the liffey is strange and alien to him. God knows how he became a food critic/chef if he’s that closed minded.

  8. sevens

    He’s already tweeted a link to this discussion. I’m guessing he’s a no-such-thing-as-bad-publicity type – that is, utterly self-obsessed. Let’s move on.

  9. Michael

    Il Corvo.. Little Venice.. there are loads in howth, malahide as well and in north city centre itself there are a good few

  10. bucko

    I’ve eaten there, and contrary to what he is saying…. this is not typical Italian fare. It’s Italian themed food. Awful pleb this guy.

  11. miggy

    His previous post is similarily annoying and Xenophobic.

    “I’ve heard rumors of a place on Capel Street that people keep banging on about but to be honest that involves traveling to the North Side which I’m just not prepared to do no matter how good the raw fish is. If you’ve not from Dublin and reading this lets just say the sharp knives are usually used on people rather than for filleting bluefin Tuna on that side of the river”

    What a thunderc**t.

  12. Mr Meh.

    He has 11 THOUSAND followers on twitter- would anyone like to stand up for twitter not being just used by self publicising wankers and bots? I’ve yet to see any evidence!

  13. Barton Keyes

    I know the points been well made at this stage, but let’s add Terra Madre. Also, I hate all this North/South nonsense, can’t we all just agree that we hate culchies and move on?

    I kid, I kid, put that pitchfork down :P

  14. ivahoogeone

    What’s with all the bad language?
    Does he think he’s gordon ramsey?
    No need to use bad language to review a meal.

      1. Sidthesexist

        He’s more than likely doing the northside thing as a little court jester charade but it’s a tired and boring routine.

        The olden days when Dublin was mostly between the canals, north or south didn’t factor. It still didn’t factor into the 70s. It’s only since the 80s that some tuppence ha’penny types (who were council house born) started having notions of themselves.

        The real economic divide in Dublin is actually east/west, not north/south. Drive from Malahide to Dalkey and tell me how many council estates you drive through. Very few. But drive from Dun Laoghaire to Lucan or from Howth to Clonsilla and you’ll see the difference.

  15. Bliao

    I am pretty sure Harbison hails from further north than the Liffey, Swords or even Dundalk.

    He can ponce back to Narn Arn with his zesty prose and sneering jibes.

  16. Continuity Jay-Z

    Whatever about his distaste for de Naartsoide he is right in saying the following;
    “Italian food is mostly bastardized shite in Ireland”.

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