23 thoughts on “Storyful Is Hiring

    1. Timmy

      I guess someone was faster! They could have made it harder, email is on her twitter profile!

  1. joe

    Exactly. If the challenge is the ability to perform a simple Google search then I fear Storyful may be setting the bar a little low.

  2. Marky Park

    I think they want people to expand on the task. Like give her a call on her mobile or break into her house so when she wakes up you’re lying next to her with your CV on her bedside table.

    1. Domestos

      With a mask on cos you don’t want to be hired just for your devilishly handsome looks. Possibly a see through rain jacket if the weather keeps up.

    1. Marky Park

      Well I doubt you care as you don’t seem to be the brightest chap. If you can’t figure out how to search Storyful yourself then you have no chance of getting the job.

      1. seriously sam

        OK thanks for your useful input Marky, I can see that anyone who doesn’t care who storyful are equate to stupidity in your book. Are you connected to storyful or just have some strange aversion to apathy?

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