27 thoughts on “Iron-y

  1. Small Wonder

    Looks like Palin thinks Thatcher was actually made of iron. Probably thinks she died of rust.

  2. MKfla

    Sad news. I realise Margaret Thatcher is not without her detractors but I’m with Sarah Palin on this one. She was truly an extraordinary woman. Those who actually knew her always remark upon how attractive she was in real life. Her beautiful pale blue eyes, her warm and knowing smile, that tilt of the head that coquettishly let you know when you had overstepped the mark. Her plump bosom and her all too visible camels toe. This was rarely seen in public. It was a more private persona. She wore her heart on her sleeve. Its often said that if you got close enough to her you could hear her repeating a sort of mantra – it was said to go “you can starve to death for all i care” over and over. How unspeakably profound. Rest in Peace Margaret.

    1. Parky Mark

      What you’re saying is that she might look ugly on TV or in print but if you say her in the flesh you couldn’t help but think she was hot added by the fact you could she the outline of her vagina and she had lovely tits?

    1. Juk

      I was born in 77. I’m having tea and biscuits tonight to celebrate when I get home. Even though it will be after 9:30. Normally I wouldnt drink tea after 9. But it is a special occassion.

    2. Paul2

      She was Prime Minister of their country for the first 10 years of their lives. I think they have every right.

    3. cluster

      Her legacy lives on in the UK.

      Dead manufacturing, strong financial sector with London as one of the foremost financial capitals of the world, much of public sector privatised, PFI contracts, recalcitrant unions broken, young Thatcherites in power, gulf between North and South, an atomised public sphere – for good and for ill (and in many ways for ill imo) she still influences the lives of those born after 1980 even those born after 2000.

  3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Anyone find it funny that David Cameron referred to “Union barons”, using the word baron as a negative, while praising a baroness?

  4. EarlyFunnies

    1. Just seen the plans for Margaret Thatcher’s grave. Beautiful really, but I think they should have made the dancefloor bigger.

    2. Marg T in hospital recovering from having a growth removed from her bladder…
    …It was probably her cokc.

  5. Aidan

    It’s interesting living in the US today. The conservative right seem to have taken Thatcher’s “conservative” status as meaning she was one of them. While she certainly shared some of their ideals, her shutting of the coal mines rather than allowing a free market and her pro-colonialism actions in the Falklands aren’t exactly Republican in the American sense of the word.

  6. Frank Engvall

    Sarah Palin didn’t even know that Africa was a continent…and she’s speaking about historical figures… iron-y indeed!

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