Karl’s Irish App of the Day: Soundwave




Soundwave, whose videos we’ve featured before (a dance off and sledding in Dublin) have finally launched their music discovery app on both iOS and Android today for the princely sum of free.

Predicted by everyone’s favourite tax compliant musician, loved by overweight tech-giant founders and championed by government secret exposing newspapers.

The feature that really hooks me is the music map which allows you to draw a shape on the map and see what music people are listening to in that area.


Why don’t you reward these hardworking lads and give their app a go on your preferred device?

Maybe even BUY a song?

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

(As always no favours were given or received for this post)

Have an app? Mail broadsheet@broadsheet.ie.

9 thoughts on “Karl’s Irish App of the Day: Soundwave

  1. Sheila

    I got to test the beta Soundwave app and its well cool.

    Best of luck to the guys and gals in Soundwave with this.

    IT RAWKS! :P

  2. Paul

    The first step in the takeover by the Decepticons heralded by Soundwave. The centre-justified text on Broadsheet is the second step.

    App looks great, nice work.

  3. Pidge

    Been testing the Beta for a while now, and it’s really great. Definitely worth installing, and will only get better as it gets more popular.

  4. Derval

    I’d rather focus on the great music in my headphones than worry about what other people are listening to.

    If there are 10 people wearing headphones within view and one of them is in ecstacy, is there a way of knowing what that particular person is listening to?

    I can just imagine getting very bored with this very quickly after the first 3 times you discover people are loving something you hate.

  5. Byrner

    Downloaded the app today and love it. Well done to everyone involved. It’s a great app

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