Nasty Dublin Bike Rope Trick


-1-1Should you cycle at night…

Monique Kelleher (above) writes:

I was involved in an incident last night on Mercer Street in Dublin 2. A group of kids had tied rope from pole to pole across the road targeting cars and cyclists. I was cycling past and my neck got caught in the rope causing me to fly off my bike and hit the ground. Luckily I haven’t broken any bones, and have come away with light injuries (above and below) but someone else may not be so lucky. I just want to warn other cyclists and the public that this is happening as I haven’t heard of it before in Dublin.




161 thoughts on “Nasty Dublin Bike Rope Trick

    1. Jesustonight

      Broadsheet just removed the word ‘hate’ and replaced it with ‘nasty’. editorial over zealousness perhaps?

    2. sG

      Some dickhead kids once threw conkers at my head on the corner of Wexford St and I very nearly went under a bus.I caught the most portly one that was too unfit to run away by the nape of his neck and he quite literally pissed himself. They’re not so intimidating once they’re separated from their feral pack

  1. Pamela

    Jesus Christ!!! Did you report them to the Gardi?? Can’t believe that. what the hell is wrong with people?!

        1. Pamela

          ah yeah sure we’ll just leave it so. Lets not tell anyone and then give out about it when no one is doing anything about it. Get a grip will ya. if no one goes up to the little w*nkers then they’ll most definitely keep at it. No harm involvin that gardai

          1. Ann Reddin

            The police don’t care and are not interested when the people in the area ring them and tell them whats happening.

      1. John

        Thats not funny, She got very lucky with just some minor injuries this could have been far worse. this is a serious assault and the gardai should be treating it a such.

        1. Dan Cahill

          Maybe when the sun comes out and it doesn’t look like rain , the Garda Chips bikers decide to take the bikes out of the Garda shed to go for a ride , and they get themselves knocked off , maybe then they will do something …

          1. JonMac

            Gardai sheds. lol. They’re useless. i once complained about some lads kicking a rugby ball towards our apartment at half past 10 in the evening.. There was I waiting & hoping they come. Guess what? No one came. So stupid of me to ring them, should’ve just busted out with my baseball bat & chased those wankers away.

    1. Disasta

      Seriously, what would be the point?

      No one in this dump of a country is help accountable for ANYTHING.

      1. eneleven

        I’ve reported 3 crimes to the guards. 2 led to convictions. But of course, if you never report, you’d think nothing ever happens.

        1. jean

          Plus you should always report crimes just so they’re recorded, and the statistics show an accurate picture. If people don’t report crimes, stats will show a reduction in crime even if that’s not the case.

          1. Ann Reddin

            In order for that to happen you must tell the gardai on the phone that you want to make a “formal complaint and put on record” otherwise all yill get is, we’ll send a unit up and they don’t.

        2. Niall

          my car got robbed, kids took it and trashed i racing, guards took finger-prints, and i assumed it was a waste of time, it took a year but got a call to let me know the culprit ended up getting time.
          not easy being a guard in this country either — maybe they’re not all useless?

      2. Dave

        Bingo, and if you hit one these little shits , you would end up in jail, if you seek justice, do not go near the cops or the courts.

  2. FlanFlanny

    Whoever did this is an evil little sh1te and deserves to be flogged. Thank goodness, it wasn’t any worse.

    1. bisted

      …this is the same evil that killed James Bulger in England. Hope you can get over this Monique.

      1. Jesustonight

        He’s on about the loose use of the word ‘evil’ ; can I get a lolly if i guessed correctly? .

        1. Crackers

          Absolutely sickening how they’d actually want to do that to someone. And they’ll get off with a slap on the wrist, and nothing more.

      2. cross-eyed cow

        You reckon it’s the same guys? One of them was sent back to prison though wasn’t he? I can’t believe the other one is going around Dublin tying ropes to lamp posts…

      3. PB

        You’re an idiot aren’t you? That’s the only way I could understand the correlation between 2 psychopaths killing a young boy and young hooligans tying a rope across a street.

  3. other david

    What a sick thing to do – they deliberately set out to injure people.

    Have you informed the Gardai?

  4. Gordon

    Thanks for sharing. Thankfully your doing well after that. Could definitely kill someone that way. Awful!

  5. Jesustonight

    Hasn’t every kid done this at some point?, a fairly regular prank but someone needs to explain to them that there’s no rope used. idiots!

    1. Clampers Outside!

      No. They. Haven’t.

      In my experience, the kids that do, either pretend to be pulling on a non-existent rope or use something like toilet paper. Both still dangerous.

      I hope this woman recovers well.

      1. Fredtheninja

        Totally agree. We used to pretend to be pulling a rope, but never even considered a real one.

        Little sh*ts.

      2. Jesustonight

        Yes They Have!

        Of course it’s dangerous, didn’t think i had to spell that out for you. Now, try explaining the concept of mortality to a child. As kids we’d do this (minus the rope)on occasion, unaware of any serious consequences that may occur. Kids lack judgement and experience for they’re actions and see the world differently than you or I ie,done for a laugh.Have you never done something reckless and stupid as a kid and regretted it? People then come on here banding words like ‘evil’ and ‘ attempted murder’ about kids, utter nonsense.

        1. shiny

          Nonsense? I drive a motorcycle. It probably would have killed me.

          Whether intentional or not it has the potential to kill. These kids should be taught that there are consequences to actions

          1. Jesustonight

            Kids should be taught alot of things.If you mean punishment, yes of course.I think that this was a childish prank that went wrong. Adults are very quick to judge kids harshly while conveniently forgetting all the divlement they got up to when they were young.

        2. Dora

          There are just as many little sh*tes who know EXACTLY what they’re at as there are ‘innocents’. Some kids are rotten and stay that way their whole lives.

        3. DubCity

          JT you’re delusional! These kids are little terrorists. Those flats have been breeding hateful violent little gurriers for as long as I can remember. 30+ years. You obviously don’t know this area and what happens there. They need to be taught a lesson. The cops are helpless and kids continue to grow up there thinking they’re above the law.

          1. Jesustonight

            No I’m not “breeding hateful violent little gurriers”,what?, all of them?and if not all of them,how can you tell them apart? “They need to be taught a lesson” a lesson how? tell us. It’s you that’s delusional, nature vrs nurture, please let me know otherwise keep your idle threats about kids to yourself.

          2. DubCity

            JT, No I didn’t say all of them. No I didn’t say you were responsible. Who are you? What threats?
            I don’t know what lesson they could be taught. If the authorities could catch them redhanded they should make a proper example of them.
            More importantly, they need guidance and community care and facilities. The football club has helped the older kids but there’s nothing for the younger kids.
            It’s a neigbourhood but not a proper community, without a social structure for these kids.
            The allotment garden has survived there without vandalism so they must have some idea of responsibility and respect.
            Why do these kids continue to terrorise passers by?

          3. Jesustonight

            Ok then,but you said “Those flats have been breeding hateful violent little gurriers for as long as I can remember”. ‘Those flats’ is gross generalisation , that’s what got my hackles up. Had you posted your most recent comment first I would have understood better. Poor neglected areas and kids with nothing to do often have these results such as the above. Don’t understand this “No I didn’t say you were responsible. ” I know, you didn’t. You say “Why do these kids continue to terrorise passers by?”, my guess would be childish ignorant boredom trying to get a ‘rise’ chase whatever. You’d have to ask a child psychologist that one.

        4. Stapler

          What utter sh!te you just wrote. Evil and attempted murder describes the situation well. There’s a difference between reckless and stupid. Reckless and stupid is getting on a bike and going down a steep, uneven hill. Going to a place, getting a rope, tying it to two lamposts and hiding and watching as people are near decapitated…I pity you.

          1. Jesustonight

            Tell you what ,look up ‘reckless endangerment’, now if you can get your pea brain around that and then look up ‘attempted murder’ .Come back after yer nap then we can talk.If you do pity me can you call around sometime, preferably a dry day and cut my grass?thanks

            ps, bring milk

    2. Stephen

      I think what he means is two kids..either side of the road leaning back as if they are holding a rope..but they are not. I did this as a kid but there was never an actual rope involved…that’s sick.

    3. Rod

      Nope, I had never heard of it until about 3 years ago. Little brats should be charged with attempted murder… if only.

    4. Fat Frog

      Hate to admit but I’m pretty sure I did this when about 8 years old – saw it on the telly and thought it was funny – didn’t think of the consequences – fortunately there were none. I also used to knock on people’s doors and run away, tormenting people, some of them elderly or vulnerable. And I used a water gun to spray water on people coming down the street- I remember one old man being very upset. Urchin – yes, mischievous – yes, evil – no.

      Sorry this happened to you Monique, hope you recover quickly.

      1. cluster

        ‘spray water on people coming down the street’ is not in the same class as attempted decapitation.

        1. Jesustonight

          ‘attempted decapitation’, are you serious?, if you read between the lines of what he said you’d understand. Kids get up to all sorts, the fact this lady was seriously hurt is a horrible outcome but kids by virtue of the fact that they are kids do not always understand the gravity of their actions. He said he ‘didn’t think of the consequences’ , tormenting old people is very very serious in my book, but kids don’t always realise the damage they can do. They’re ignorant of these things for the most part.

          1. Michaelrodetheboatyouwhore

            I’m reporting Fat Frog to the British Foreign Office in the United Kingdom because this is clearly a brazen admission of war crimes which, in these times of austerity, I don’t believe the Guardi have the resources to investigate fully. It’s a matter for the UN now. When I was a kid I was really good because the adults that raised me actually remembered what buggers they were when they were kids and didn’t even let me have imaginary rope…. Let alone real rope. I wish Monique a speedy recovery but feel its also important to highlight that this article has raised much awareness of the effectiveness of this stunt and probably not a lot else. Kids are shits, all of them. They stop being shits as they get older because it doesn’t get them any attention and life gets in the way, shoving a pencil up your nose, throwing sand in your sisters face or taking a shit next to the toilet… We’ve all seen it, it all made us laugh, its not funny and it stops when you’re about 15. Get them a community centre so that way they can pull their pranks in a controlled environment don’t kill their parents you sadistic bunch of knobdicks.

  6. Rod

    I heard of this going on in Ringsend, the kids ran out in front of my boss and raised the rope but he managed to stop in time and show one of the scumbags the fastest way to become horizontal. I assume it’s to try and steal your bike?

    Get well soon!

  7. bob

    Next time anyone tells me violence isn’t the answer to sorting these little knackers out i’m going to show them this.

    Ugh, so angry.

    Get well soon Monique!!

  8. Goosey Lucy

    Christ, horrible to happen. Glad to hear you’re ok, could have been a lot worse. Hope Gardai were informed, get well soon

  9. Just sayin

    A golf ball narrow missed my head yesterday on Hanover Street – a couple of ten year olds thought it was fun to hit golf balls down the street. Inner city urchins get bored this time of year.

  10. Dick

    Cycling in the city’s dangerous enough w/out some little toe-rags deliberately setting out to cause injury. I really, really hope they get caught and charged.

  11. Dick

    I actually cannot believe this. If you’d been on a motorbike, even going at the speed limit, the bike could’ve hit and killed a passer-by or caused a vehicle to swerve and do the same.

  12. ReBel

    Hangings too good for them. I’d pull the switch myself, and then send them the bill! Plus I’ll put my foot through the tv if its on the news, and send them the bill for that too.

  13. Am I still on This Island

    Monique, I hope you heal quickly and those responsible are suffering some horrible ailment they deserve. Seriously WTF is wrong with some people!

    1. Mikeyfex

      My guess is they’ve not been brought up to respect the welfare or belongings of others.

  14. Niall

    I work close to Mercer st and once saw a bunch of kids interfering with parked cars, rolling them away and what have you. This was at about 7pm in the evening and I spent about 15 minutes looking for a gard and couldn’t find one. These little bastards do what they want.

  15. heisenberg

    this is weird. I just showed this to someone at work and he said kids from around his area in Dublin have been pretending to lay rope across the road and pretend to pull it when cars pass. I witnessed the same thing in my estate in Kildare over the weekend. Must be something on tv or something?

  16. Orla

    Holy Jaysus, that’s awful. I can think of at least one better use for that rope… Hope you get better soon!

    1. Vinny

      You want to hang the kids? This isn’t Tehran. This is Dublin. Just bate them with it.

    1. Jay

      Even with invisible rope this is extremely dangerous, you can imagine how someone could hit the break last minute and the car behind could hit it… stupid idiots!

      1. Phill

        Ah now… come on. The invisible rope trick as shown in that video is pretty harmless and I’m sure all kids have done something as silly.

        We used to shoot each other with peg guns for jaysis’ sake.

        Leaving a real rope up there is something that never would have occurred and has a real risk of hurting somebody. These kids need to be found and treated to a lesson in consequences.

    2. Ann Reddin

      Dez this has been going on for years in this area, long before youtube was conceived!!!!! And the police don’t give a flying f**k. One night I rang the 6 times to get up to Digges St to do something about it and the response is either – there’s someone on their way, or, their was someone just up there and didn’t see anything, while I’m looking out my window watching whats going on and knowing that the gardai hadn’t been up.

      You are entitled to disagree, but as a local I can assure you that this is a policing problem more than anything else. If they were to arrive at the scene and throw a few of them into the back of a police van and frighten the shit out of them it might have some impact on the problem.

  17. Garrett

    Could have been worse. I’ve seen it done with fishing line and much as the lads thought it was funny beforehand nobody was laughing afterwards.

    That said, about ten lines of it across a path did prove to be hilarious harmless fun.

    1. The Citizen

      Too dangerous to do on the path in Dublin. Too many cyclists would be injured.

      (Hitler. Bertie. Anglo.)

  18. rob

    I had a similar incident in the car. some runts in pyjamas were buying rolls of selotape in the shop down the road from store street station and taping the bollards, nearly pulled off my front wipers. the kids had nothing else to do.

    1. Sam

      “had nothing else to do”.

      Depends on their expectations, doesn’t it?

      You can always find something to do that doesn’t involve landing someone in the middle of a road.

  19. Emma

    This isn’t hate against cyclists

    this is stupidity of kids either being trouble making little sh*ts or just not understanding the consequences of these actions at all
    the victim just happened to be on a bike

    let’s not make this a cycling issue (before you ask, I cycle to work every day, I’m not a cyclist hater)

    1. as

      the marks on her neck mean the rope was set at a height of a cyclists neck which would be over the height of most cars, this ‘prank’ seems it was intended for 2 wheeled, more vulnerable people using the road.

  20. Reddy

    Came across kids with broom handles, throwing them between the spokes of front wheels before. Equally as lethal.

  21. Jim

    Toe rags around there constantly pulling stunts like this… Although generally it’s eggs, waterbombs, stones, fireworks… And not as potentially lethal as this.

    There should be an inner city curfew, or failing that parents should pull the proverbial finger out.

  22. lisa

    You poor thing, this makes me so angry

    cycling down canal at phibsboro a few weeks ago and a group of naked (yes naked) skangers tried to push me off my bike into the canal. Beautiful cycle which I can’t use anymore…..

  23. CK

    this is why Dublin tenements and inner city council estates should be all relocated out at sea.

    1. B Bop

      Could we please form a big gang & bitc*slap the bejaysus out of these antisocial scum. It’s not just feral kids- it’s loud drunken idiots at night, it’s crazy,ignorant, dangerous drivers, it’s vile teenage gangs shouting obscenities at people. Siiighs -why can’t people just be nice & respectful of others.

  24. Joe Soap

    I’ve heard of a similar type of thing in the Gortin Glens Forest Park (Tyrone) but using wire to catch mountainbikers coming down the various trails. Dangerous sh*t – it could kill someone.

    Hope Monique gets bettersoon.

  25. Tickl

    It’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye or in this case their head :/

    Hope you get well soon!

  26. a1

    I’m not even kidding I wrote this for my Leaving Cert essay some years back.
    Life imitating art.

    But really, damn kids these days.

    But really, I hope you’re alright.

  27. anoonamous

    Kids close to there hit me in the chest with an apple a few weeks back, then stared at me begging for a reaction. They had also been throwing them at cars and other passers-by. I went up to corner of Wexford St and told a couple of Gardaí. They weren’t particularly interested but strolled down to the kids anyway. Don’t know what happened from there but wouldn’t say much. If the kids’ parents don’t give a sh*t then there is very little in the way of consequences unfortunately…

    Hope you get better soon, Monique.

  28. dublinentendre

    Michael Haneke White Ribbon styley. At least they aren’t using wire …yet. Summer time + feral Dublin kids not a good mix.

  29. illuminati16

    this is why you never raise your kids in dublin, guaranteed scumbag development programme

    1. Lundy

      I was raised in Dublin and I can assure you I am not a scumbag. I have my own kids now and they are not, and will not become scumbags, but thanks for the gross generalisation.

    2. tararrr

      Every child who grows up in Dublin is a scumbag? Where were you raised, because clearly every child raised there is an idiot like yourself?

  30. landofthelostbiros

    That is a very serious offense, designed to cause harm. It’s a jail term.

    Scumbag parents who drink all day and collect the dole as a career choice are to blame. As bad for society as a terrorist organization. Jail them and forget about them.

    1. Ann Reddin

      I live in this area and the majority of their parents are hard working single mothers, who don’t sit at home or in the pub all day. They struggle to bring their children up without the any help from the childrens absent waster fathers. Most of these mothers have 2 jobs, cleaning in the mornings when the kids are in school and again in the evening after they give the kids their dinner, in order to keep food on the table and clothes on their backs. However, in saying that because their mothers are out working in the evening they have no notion of what their kids are up to. Some of them would go ape at their children if they knew what their kids are up to and there are some who are just too tired to have the energy while others are of the opinion that there kids are saints and do no wrong.
      What is called for in this situation is parenting classes.

  31. Ro

    Another ‘prank’ around there is asking cyclists the time and when they slow down, they’re hopped on and robbed, happened to me a few years back. But I’m sure they don’t understand what they’re doing, it’s obviously just something they saw on telly and think is funny.

  32. johnny

    At enough speed that would have snapped the vertebrae leaving the cyclist paralysed from the neck down.. this should be seen as a serious threat to public health and safety and dealt with accordingly! i hope the gardai are dealing with it well!

    1. Sam

      More likely to cause the cyclist to land under a car or bus, than to break their neck simply from impacting the rope. Nasty bit of work, and needs to be sorted out.

  33. Father Filth

    Lucky to be alive.

    About two or three people die in the UK, walking\running into clothes lines and similar.. You can get a ‘shock’ giving the carotid arteries a nasty thump.

    Get well soon.. and don’t be discouraged to cycle.

    1. Buggalugga

      Parents and children sterilized using radiation. Problem solved one generation later.

  34. Rebecca

    I had an apple thrown at my head from the top deck of a bus once while I was cycling along Dame Street. Luckily it missed!!

  35. herbie in dublin

    It’s sick that someone would do this! I really hope they catch them & make sure doesn’t happen to anyone, scary!

    Hope you feel better soon ;)

  36. Rory

    Shocking and horrible incident but have to say I’m more sickened by comments suggesting that children be jailed for life & council estates be ‘flattened without warning’ – another says people who collect the dole are ‘As bad for society as a terrorist organization’. I’m not an out-and-out liberal but I feel sick that many Irish folk seem to be casually swinging so far towards right-wing, the fact that it’s meant to be banter or funny doesn’t disguise the underlying sentiment that anyone born in a disadvantaged area is second class citzen (see ‘this is why you never raise your kids in dublin, guaranteed scumbag development programme’)

    1. Micko


      Scary stuff. You all need to relax here.Stupid kids doing stupid things.

      Can’t believe someone actually suggesting sterilization – nuts!

      Eugenics anyone?

          1. Micko

            My little fellahs are already f*cked from years of smoking & drinking I’d imagine – so no worries there then… :-)

            But in all seriousness

            Your a f*cking nazi – think before you open your mouth- mkay?

  37. Frank

    a group of young teenaged kids tried to take me off my bike close to Amien street with an iron bar a couple of years ago. Casually walking past tried to jam it in the front wheel, missed, but if they had got me the fear is the feral little sh*ts would have gone all “lord of the flies” on me. Neither can you tolerate this behavior, nor engage them on it on their level as they have no fear of grown ups. I feel sorry for them, but behavior like this deserves a thrashing. I reported it to the Gards, but they were not surprised or likely to do anything about it.

    1. Frank

      I really hope Monique Kelleher makes a full and speedy recovery and not let the vileness of these cretins deter her from getting back in the saddle.

  38. Jennifer

    This happened to me as a kid. I cycled into a noose kids were hanging from a tree. Ended up in neck brace for weeks. I know it was only kids messing but could’ve had serious consequences.

  39. moby

    Usual scumbags stuff in a country full of nackers and scumbags and people without any brain with a ridicouls garda. Deserve 20 years of jail all the scumbags in ireland. And 10 for the shamy garda

  40. Ben

    That is not a prank. Pranks cause embarrassment or annoy other people. This is different, there’s malicious intent behind it, those kids knew that someone would get hurt. They only do because they know they’ll get away with it. An absolute disgrace.
    Hope you feel better soon Monique! :)

  41. Garrett

    Well it’s reassuring to see we can have a mature and rational discussion about this without going overboard. Sterilisation? Thrashings?
    Christ, imagine a jury selected from BS readers. You’d be asking to have the death penalty back.

  42. jerry McCarthy

    hmmm i think there is a problem on Mercer Street.. I recall driving through there a month or so back and having stones or something thrown at my car… as it happens i ALSO recall in the 70s or 80s there was a group of young kids doing this type of thing and worse around O’Connell st.,. the “bugsy malones” if I remember “well.. ah sure just kids running a bit wild.. they’ll grow out of it” was the received wisdom.. if I remember correctly.. one of those :”kids” grew out of it all right… he was later known as The Monk..nip it in the bud now is my advice!!!

  43. fluke

    I was coming back home from work on a frosty midwinter evening few years back and as I was midway on eastlink bridge in Ringsend, some young fellas shouted up from one end, asking for time. As I was lowering my head down to have a look at phone, some object whizzed by my head and landed behind me.
    A snowball. With a solid rock inside, barely covered by compressed snow, which got under a tire of an oncoming tir truck seconds later. It could’ve been my head, had the thing found its target.

    I caught up with them and got ‘ah let it go he was only messin’. Right.

  44. Therese O'Reilly

    That is truly horrific. There’s no accounting for scumbags. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    1. Ann Reddin

      These scumbags you speak of are children aged 7 – 12, and while they might be little shits, you cant call a 7 year old child a scumbag. Possibly their parents for not caring what their kids are doing but not very young children.

  45. JP III

    The Gardaí are absolutely useless at preventing, investigating, or rectifying anything apart a lefty-protest, an empty doughnut tray, or an out of date tax disc.

    Last month my friend was nearly hit by a large piece of loose scaffolding during the high winds and gardaí seemed confused as to why we were bringing this to their attention, even after I suggested they contact the builder just to make sure the rest of it got tied down. When they had finished looking nonplussed at our concern they retreated behind their frosted glass.

    Meanwhile on Sunday (I’m an unlucky cu*t), I had two big stones pelted at my head by a bunch of ten year olds who also nearly clocked a nearby junkie with one. Foolishly, I decided the local gardaí should be informed of this incident. Imagine my surprise when they calmly assured me that they’d ‘get onto to that’ in due course and presumably went back to playing angry birds on their phones.

    I’m not into vigilantism, and good luck to anyone who thinks the law will be on their side when they try to grab a kid by the scruff after one of these incidents, but the lazy arm of the law really isn’t on our side in these situations.

  46. Andy G

    I know the flats these kids came out of too.
    Last year a gang of them were pushing female cyclists off their bikes onto the slippery road ice and then laughing at them.
    Keep aware of your surroundings whilst cycling

  47. Ann Reddin

    I lived in Mercer House, Mercer St for 20 years and I am surprised that the kids did this on Mercer Street as opposed to their preferred area Digge Street which my sitting room window looked out onto. This behaviour started about 7 years ago. The kids would get shopping trollies from Dunnes Stores, pallets and any other large object they could haul out onto the road and make a barricade. When a car would drive up, it would have to stop and unless the driver gave them money they wouldn’t move the barricade. One night about 5 years ago it got really bad when one youngfella opened the back door of a car which was being driven by a woman and her little girl was in the back of the car, and he wouldn’t get out until a man in one of the several cars behind hers, got out and dragged the little s&^%e out of the car by the back of the neck. 6 or 7 people phoned the police (several times each) over the space of an hour to get them up to Digge Street to do something about it, but unfortunately the gardai, tend to ignore complaints by the locals and it wasn’t until an Ambulance came around the corner and saw the barricade that the police arrived. I hope a complaint was made about this because the locals can complain about this till the cows come home and the gardai do nothing. And, just also to say, the attitudes of the parents is, “my Joe soap, no he wouldn’t do anything like that, my child is a good child” !!!!!

  48. DHBH

    Nasty is the word. Reminds me of cycling up Summerhill Parade in 1999 when two youngsters ran onto the street and swung a pulled-apart metal shopping basket up over their heads like a lasso and threw it at the wheels of my bike!

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