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Last night.

Dame Street, Dublin 2

A cyclist in her 30’s was injured in a crash between a car and her bike at around 11:30pm on Dame Street last night. The woman was taken to St James’ Hospital for treatment and her injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

Dublin road chaos as cyclist injured in city centre crash and driver collides with J6 barrier (Dublin Live)

Pics: Przemyslaw Zbieron



The Dublin Cycling Campaign and their supporters held a “slow cycle” along the quays of the River Liffey “due to ongoing delays in developing the Liffey Cycle Route”.

They write:

The current official plans for the Liffey Cycle Route wouldn’t see the project implemented until 2024 at the earliest – that would be 13 years after the project was first proposed!

Liffey Cycle Protest (Dublin Cycling Campaign)

Pics: David A Karlström

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Cold day for a ride. #volkspod

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Volkspod – the twin fruit of a year long garage project by maker Brent Walter who combined front and rear VW Beetle wheel arches to form bizarre (and yet adorable) carapaces for two custom made scooter chassis.