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“When you’re dealing with programmes in Irish and trying to attract people to TG4…. do you think they are being ‘tacky’ so as to entice people? – that’s what I think is happening.

You can write an article that can cause a lot of damage to people and shame people, or you can produce programmes that shame people …this programme shames that young girl.

It doesn’t matter what [people] think … she may be laughing about it but I was uncomfortable watching it. A lot of people felt very uncomfortable about this programme….Where is the humanity in these actions? There is none.

I’d like to hear from TG4 what were they thinking when they planned this, when they commissioned it”

Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh discussing Pioc Do Ride, TG4’s new dating show on her new radio show.


Thanks Gerry Keely

31 thoughts on “The Pioc Stops here

  1. andydufresne2011

    “she may be laughing about it but I was uncomfortable watching it”

    She may not have been offended but I am offended therefore it’s shaming. She doesn’t think it’s shaming but it is shaming coz I say so. She obviously doesn’t know her mind or enough about feminism to realise it’s shaming.

    I stopped listening to this person the day I saw her snapping her fingers to call a waiter in a restaurant.

  2. Paolo

    As usual, someone claiming to be a feminist is offended on someone else’s behalf while simultaneously ignoring that person’s agency.

  3. Bort

    Blathnaid tried to throw the lips on me at a Picture House gig in 1998, I have questioned her decision making skills since

  4. curmudgeon

    A 250 quid voucher or a date where you have to spend 250 quid on a person you wouldn’t normally take out. Rocket science this is not. Entertainingly cringey it most certainly is. That boy racer lad is class and should have his own radio show, can we give him Blaithnaid’s?

    1. curmudgeon

      Kindly delete my post instead of editing the heart out of it thank you very much broadsheet.

    1. curmudgeon

      Eh no not if was hot and up for it. 250 quid covers a nice weekend for two in a hotel room with a do not disturb sign on the door.

  5. curmudgeon

    Eh no not if *she* was hot and up for it. Still no edit button on the comments section. Is that database read only or what lads?

  6. Frilly Keane

    Who da’ púc does this bonabh think she is?

    Sh1t sick of this ‘wan being given free air time
    to spout sh1t
    as she sees fit

    WTF lady
    Find annuder trough
    For your snout

  7. ahjayzis

    Did the lady in question not ‘shame’ the other two lads by flinging ’em to the kerb if that’s the criteria?

    I mean is it only shaming if you reject someone for money and not the ride?

  8. Miami Dolphin's Barn

    It’s not as if she was bungled into the back of a van and filmed for this show at gun point.
    Would Blathnaid apply the same criteria to someone getting voted off The X Factor or one of these other freakshows?

  9. dave g k

    I wonder does she remember those cúpla focals of encouragement that she uttered to Dara Ó Briain just before they went to air on his debut on Echo Island?

      1. dave g k

        Well, let’s just say that he proved her wrong in the immediate short term and by his longevity in the business, also in the long term.

  10. bubbleandsqueak

    Latest TAM figures are from August 2015

    TG4’s share of the total viewing each channel received 1.89%

    The top ten programmes on TG4 in August were as follows

    Top 10 August 2015

    GAA BEO 2014 – 2015
    The Life of David Gale
    Fleadh TV 2015
    Peil na mBan Beo 2015
    Vanity Fair
    NUACHT TG4 2015
    Ar Bhóithrín na Smaointe 4
    Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
    The Boat That Rocked

    5 of the top 10 programmes were films ; I had to check Lawman and it was a 1971 Western directed by Michael Winner

    Have to wonder if it would be wiser to simply close TG4 (which costs over €30 million a year) and broadcast on YouTube.

    1. Frilly Keane

      See that
      Look how easy it is t’put Tub
      On UTube

      Put the púcin lot’ve it inta RTubE
      Cept R1
      Move all that crowd down to Lyric
      N’flog Montrose to Daddy O’ Bribucks
      Before the Foreign National himself gets gifted it

  11. Demon

    TG4 does some good investigative programmes, some good Euroseries, and good documentaries, and their news reporting is good. They offer good quality programming; if the viewers want instead to watch Fair City and Eastenders that says more about the intellectual level of Irish TV watchers than the intellectual quality of TG4 programming.

    1. Frilly Keane


      I’m no stranger ta’ it meself
      The Sport, esp midweek stuff,
      Is as good as ya’d get anywhere

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