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“When you’re dealing with programmes in Irish and trying to attract people to TG4…. do you think they are being ‘tacky’ so as to entice people? – that’s what I think is happening.

You can write an article that can cause a lot of damage to people and shame people, or you can produce programmes that shame people …this programme shames that young girl.

It doesn’t matter what [people] think … she may be laughing about it but I was uncomfortable watching it. A lot of people felt very uncomfortable about this programme….Where is the humanity in these actions? There is none.

I’d like to hear from TG4 what were they thinking when they planned this, when they commissioned it”

Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh discussing Pioc Do Ride, TG4’s new dating show on her new radio show.


Thanks Gerry Keely

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In next Sunday’s ‘The Moment of Truth’, Blathnaid Ní Chofaigh talks to Danielle, an Irish woman “who in her late teens became pregnant and travelled to England to have an abortion. It is a choice that has marked her life, but which she still does not regret.”

An RTE Religious programme featuring a guilt-free abortion experience.

Have we turned a corner?

What about the shame and the cancer we were told about?