When Did You Say Vincent’s Coming Back?



Come on kids, the man needs a holiday. Never mind, watch this very rich substitute from the guys at Apres Match. OK, you’ve seen it before. But you’ve seen Fargo more than once, right?

We hope the Apres crew are just like us: like-minded guys (and in our case, a good number of ladies) working, without ego, for a common satiric purpose. We’d hate to think they were in it just for the bread. We’d hate to think they had ego issues with one another and didn’t enjoy a smoke or a pint and a game of billiards like we do in Karl’s basement.

We’d hate to think those talented, funny guys spend every night, before going to bed, on their knees, praying to the comedy gods to keep Dunphy, Giles and creaky, old Bill alive. Whatever it takes,

Long enough to milk the last drop of laff juice from old men’s udders. Long enough to make that final, bittersweet mortgage payment.

We’d hate that very much.

Apres Match ‘Possibly So’ Tour 2010 (Ticketmaster)