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Free Friday?

Enjoy comedy?

Emily O’Callaghan writes:

Did you know? Going to see live stand up comedy doesn’t have to mean sitting through the same style of jokes delivered by someone who is shouting while they sweat on you?

There is a place that you can go where you can hear diverse, intellectual and hilarious people entertain you with their fresh, well crafted humour.

It’s called Gold. Comedy Gold. This Friday we are collaborating with RTÉ to bring you some of the best new voices on the scene.

The link for the last few tickets is below. Snap them up and join us in Collins Barracks [Dublin 7] this Friday for Culture Night for a live recording of some great acts from Comedy Gold!

One of our shows is already sold out but there are a few tickets left for the 6.30 pm slot.

Comedy Gold at Collins Barracks

‘Experts on the Eighth’

From Dublin-based Pondering Media.

Karen Healy writes:

The first of three sketches we will release over the coming weeks, sees the return of Bríde O’Bríde (Karen Healy) and another self-proclaimed expert (Blaise Reid) discussing their much deeper connection to “life” than those of the pro-choice community…

Pondering Media