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This morning.

Via Yahoo

Heather McDonald is sharing video footage of her fainting spell that took place on stage over the weekend in Tempe, Arizona.

The comedian, 51, fell after taking the stage for a standup set on Saturday night and later was admitted to the hospital with a skull fracture.

“When you faint on stage after you brag about being vaccinated,” McDonald wrote over a video in which she is seen mentioning how she is “double vaxxed” and has the “booster [and the] flu shot,” before going on to say she even has her shingles vaccine.

“I fainted on stage and fractured my skull in front of a sold out show at the @tempeimprov What do you think caused it? #karma #Jesus #comedy #juicyscoop #standup #covid.”


Heather McDonald Posts Video of Her Onstage Faint That Resulted in a Skull Fracture (Yahoo)

‘The Last Comedy Club On Mars’

The high art of getting a laugh.

Keano writes:

‘We asked Dublin’s top comedians to gather together in the Last Comedy Club on Mars to discuss their comedy philosophy and perform a routine.

‘They said NO.

‘So instead we found a retired special branch detective, a woman who wants to reverse climate change, and a taxidermist. For one night only. Thankfully.’

FRO Life Experience

This afternoon.

Fergus Keane writes:

Today is FREEDOM DAY when C19 restrictions finally end and we can wander our city streets again to drink, dance and SPEND!

During the C19 epidemic the Irish government considered hiring Influencers to communicate public messages. The idea was quietly shelved at the time.

Now that the panic is over, our once deserted Dublin city centre is opening up again. Two of Dublin’s top influencers have been commissioned at enormous expense to welcome you back to drink, shop, take selfies with cops, and most importantly, spend in our city centre once more. Full information film coming soon.

FRO Films

‘The Man on the Phone’.

A lockdown comedy short.

Aidan O’Sullivan writes:

Two bored house mates start to get suspicious about a strange man outside their house. They are determined to find out just what is the “Man On The Phone” up to…

Starring Craig Moran, James Higgins, Darragh Moran, Aidan O Sullivan and Hazel Mac Blake.

Red Sauce Comedy

Painted Horses presents.

Wild Mountain Thyme.

To be sure, to be sure.

Jill Mckeagney and Elise O’Byrne White write:

You kindly shared our parody of Amy Huberman’s Newbridge Silverware parody a couple of years ago and we couldn’t have been more delighted.

We’re back behind the camera after many years. We made a parody of the fabulous Wild Mountain Thyme trailer last weekend.

It’s just for fun and to edge closer to fulfilling our lifelong dream of Christopher Walken watching one of our videos.

Previously: Silverwear It Well

‘The Council Workers’

Wait for it.

Noel Barrett, from Leopards on a Bike animation, writes:

We’re a small group of amateur animators from County Clare and we just finished this short comedy video about two lazy council workers in rural Ireland.

Everything in it is made out of paper and paint and random stuff like pebbles and Jay Cloths

In fairness.

Leopards on a Bike

‘GAA Local Legend: A Life Well Spent’

A short comedy animation from Just The Tipp, who write:

Local man and GAA enthusiast, Joe Nelligan has dedicated over 30 years of his life to training the youth of the parish in the ways of the GAA. When his under 12s team emerges victorious in the little league county final, Joe’s lifetime of dedication has paid off, or so it would seem. The lads in Ryan’s discuss!

Just The Tipp

Thanks Steveo