“Like St John Of God’s Meets The Ivy”



We were collecting You Tube clips of dogs while TV3’s Tonight With Vincent Browne was on last night. Oh did we we miss a humdinger. Daily Star editor Ger Colleran was in Vincent’s ‘seat’ amid a yabbering clusterfuck of slebs, including Louis Walsh, (above, with friend, in happier times). We hope to get some clips from TV3 during the morning. But this is a flava of the correspondence our overnight desk were dealing with:

OMG Louis Walsh’s Leprechaun haircut on Vincent Browne tonight, and don’t get me started on the rest, Glenda Gilson and the fashion police, Terry Prone  in her peach blush, and your mate with the cleft asshole, Micheal O’Doherty.

Ger Colleran led panel of country’s finest minds- Louis, Glenda, Mod, Terry Prone and some journo. So awful it was awfully brilliant. Ger cornered glenda on her uncle liam lawlor. Louis brought up the fashion police. Like St John of God’s meets The Ivy.

The genie’s out of the bottle. The celebrity/news nexus is fractured. It’s the end of irony. Oh and that guy Colleran is more hatstand than Browne.”

More as we get it.

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