Can Someone Please Explain The FAI Ticket Scandal?



The FAI spent €74m on the Aviva stadium, hoping to recoup this and more
by selling 10,400 ‘Vantage Club’ seats on a 10-year deal.

They needed to sell 60% of these seats to break even.

ISG, who were their agents to sell the seats, offered to buy them all
for €75m and take the hit/extra profit.

The FAI turned this down believing they could make even more money.

At last month’s AGM, FAI boss John Delaney (above, far right) said 6,300 ‘Vantage Seats’
had been allocated.

This includes 2,000 seats 3 Mobile get as part of a sponsorship deal and 939 seats for existing customers.

Leaving about 3,400 new ‘Vantage Club’ seats.

So at an average of about 10k per ticket, this comes in at roughly €34m .

Or about €40m less than ISG’s offer.

The FAI are currenty €70m+ in debt.

You’re most welcome.

Ticket Fiasco Leaves FAI Millions In The Red (Daniel McDonnell, Irish Independent)

FAI Rejects Aviva Ticket Crisis Reports (BBC)

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