FINAL UPDATE: Slide Show: The 2009 StreetView Memorial Gallery




The story so far.

Well that’s that. Quite frankly, we’re all cried out here. Many thanks to everyone who sent in pix.

Broadsheet hearts 2009.

1. Anglo Irish Bank, Stephen’s Green: ‘Nope. Still there.’ (Klepto)

2. Bentleys TownHouse Restaurant, Stephen’s Green: ‘Ah, Bentleys. More of a Skoda, really!’ (Gastronaut)

3. McDonald’s, Bray Town Hall: ‘It’s still there but I try to pretend it’s not. “Come Friendly recession and fall on Maccers, For turning tastebuds into knackers”. Thank yew.’ (The Harbour Barfly)

4. St Luke’s, Drumcondra: ‘Bertie Ahern’s old constituency office. You can still see where the tentacles used to burrow into the underbelly of Irish society.’ (CupboardGirl)

5. Hughes & Hughes, Dundalk: ‘Good news here. It reopened earlier this month!’ (orig. Kenneth Wilson)

6. Dell, Limerick: ‘When the carpark was full’. (DirtyDog)

7. Nirvana Headshop, Capel St, Dublin: ‘Nnnnnngh, coz now we’ve all had to go back on de geear!’ (Seamus Hayes)

8. The Montrose Hotel, Stillorgan, Dublin: ‘Now owned by Nama or should I say us!’ (Stephen Devine)

9. Premier Blinds, Bray, Wicklow: ‘Gone. And now there’s a ‘cash for gold’ place there. Sad. Sad. Sad.’ (Mountaineer)

10. Leon Cafe, Wicklow Street, Dublin: ‘Great coffee, cosy atmos, overpriced cakes. RIP’ (MarsupialFeatures)

11. Road Records, Fade St., D2: ‘Downloads or High-fidelity style snobbery?’ (Sonic)

12. The Bridge Tavern B&B, Wicklow: ‘The only pub I know that hasn’t rebranded or simply changed management’ (Kealan Blaney)

13. Bang Cafe, Merrion Row, Dublin: ‘Bang, boom back’ (The GF)

14. Starbucks, Dalkey: ‘The famous Dalkey Starbucks.’ (Stephen)

15. Mint, Ranelagh, Dublin: Dylan McGrath’s old restaurant. The first place we thought of when we came up with this idea.

16. The Elysian, Cork: ‘Ireland’s tallest building. Michael O’Flynn’s luxury apartment complex opened September 2008. (ouch). Could not have been a worse time’. (Barney Magee)

17. Budget Travel, Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin: ‘All gone. This one’s a discount bookshop now.’ (Karl M)

18. The Irish Glass Bottle Site, Dublin: ‘The ultimate folly and the straw that broke the tiger’s back’. (Dirty Dog)

19. EP Mooney, Naas Road, Dublin: ‘Showrooms and forecourt empty now’ (Gobnait O’Lunacy)

20. Morrissey’s Family Butchers, Wexford Street, Dublin: ‘Just because it had been there for donkey’s. No pun intended, not getting at anything there’. (Suzanne Kirk)

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