Twitter: Do We Follow (Going Forward)?


Dear Cybersorter, 

Am I right in blocking people on Twitter who never reply to my tweets? 

I was following and being followed by someone who was in my industry and I admit they were in a position to help me out so I connected with them on Twitter and would retweet some of their better stuff and occasionally replied to a question they put out. 

They never responded to me, though they did follow me. 

I think it’s incredibly rude, but my boyfriend says some people with loads of followers can’t answer every tweet they are sent. 


Dear MP

It’s a personal choice. Your boyfriend is right to some extent. If someone in a position of power has many followers (more than 2,000) then it would be a full time job for them to respond to everything tweeted at them.

However, it is bad Twitter etiquette not to acknowledge a follower, whom you also follow, when they have tweeted and re-tweeted you many times. A quick shout out to a few followers who have contributed in the past week is good manners.

Cutting off someone on Twitter who can potentially help your career is not smart.

While they might not respond, they are reading you, offering an endless opportunity to impress.

(Irish Times)

We could have answered that in less than 140 characters.