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Anne writes:

Memorial in central Dublin I never noticed before. A nasty way to go. Perhaps of interest to Broadsheet readers?



The Burgh Quay Sewege Catastrophe, May 6, 1905

What kind of man would do that for a fellow man?

Wade through poo smelling foulness we can’t even imagine or maybe we just don’t want to?

 Sibling of Daedalus writes:

Constable Patrick Sheahan was a well known figure in the turn-of-the-century Dublin Metropolitan police force, indeed he may have been the Dublin equivalent of Captain Carrot in Terry Pratchett’s ‘Men at Arms‘ books.

The Constable’s obliging nature and impressive size – 6 foot 4 inches tall and 18 stone in weight – resulted in him being called up for the jobs no one else in the force felt able for, such as – on one famous occasion – wrestling a runaway bull to the pavement of Grafton Street.

He also regularly rescued old ladies from collapsing buildings and received a reward for recovering a city flag from a group of Trinity students in Dawson Street and restoring it to the Mansion House.

Constable Sheahan’s luck ran out in the labyrinthine sewers of Burgh Quay on Saturday May 6, 1905, when – having gone on duty to cover for a friend who had wanted to go to the theatre – he died of suffocation trying to rescue a Dublin corporation workman overcome by deadly gas.

His funeral in Mount Argus was a grand affair and the streets along which the cortege proceeded to Kingsbridge Station – from which his body was taken by train to his native Limerick for burial – were thronged with Dubliners respectful of his courage.


Any excuse.

illustration: Limerick City Journal


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Statue Of Unity: a proposed 182 metre tall memorial to Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel (1875 – 1950), a founding member of the Indian National Congress and a leader of his country’s struggle for independence.

Currently under construction at Sadhu-Bet Island in the Narmada district of Gujarat, India, the monument (twice the height of the Statue Of Liberty) is due for completion in 2018.


0007835e-642241-1-bh134306 1-14-1-bh134722 1-38-1-bh134280An event in Bray today marking the sixth anniversary of the deaths of Station Officer Brian Murray and Firefighter Mark O’Shaughnessy, both killed in the line of duty on September 26th 2007 while fighting a blaze at a disused factory.

The monument [at St Father Colohan Terrace] which was funded by fire crews from all around the country as well as Bray and Wicklow Town Councils and designed by Irish artist Ciaran Patterson, gives the impression of an axe head, half of which is buried in the ground. Resting on the axe head is a bronzed fireman’s hat, gloves and boots.


Memorial to Bray firemen unveiled in town centre (Yvonne Condren, Bray Herald)

(All pix: by permission, Bray Herald)

Back in 2003, when the Massachusetts Mental Health Center (MMHC) – a facility that had operated for over 90 years and touched the lives of countless patients and employees – was slated for demolition, visual artist Anna Schuleit was commissioned to create a fitting memorial.

With a limited budget and a three-month deadline, she and a huge team of volunteers created Bloom, filling the space with grass and 28,000 potted flowers.

Christopher Jobson of the art website This Is Colossal asked her to share her experience, and a series of photos of the extraordinary 4-day event which had never been seen online before.

READ ON: Bloom: 28,000 Potted Flowers Installed at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center (This Is Colossal)

Looking south from the top of 1 WTC.

Looking down at the Memorial from the top of 1 WTC.

The 9/11 Memorial Plaza from the PATH station.

The North Memorial Pool.

Looking up toward 1 WTC from the South Memorial Pool.

Last Friday, Gothamist went down to the World Trade Centre site to check the progress of the Memorial and the new 1 World Trade Centre tower in the run up to the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

The plaza and 9/11 museum pavilion seem nearly complete, and 1 WTC is officially a skyscraper, rising more than 70 stories above Ground Zero and visible for miles around.

We asked Chris Ward, the Executive Director of the Port Authority, how so much had gotten done this year. Through a spokesman, he told us “We are building a city within a city. Three years ago, we decided where this project should be on the 10th Anniversary and every year after. Establish clear goals and priorities, then harness the imagination and ingenuity of our builders – that has been the path to progress.” Those builders now include more than 3,000 construction workers— the most who have ever been working at the site.

GALLERY: Exclusive: World Trade Center Progress Tour (Gothamist)



The story so far.

Well that’s that. Quite frankly, we’re all cried out here. Many thanks to everyone who sent in pix.

Broadsheet hearts 2009.

1. Anglo Irish Bank, Stephen’s Green: ‘Nope. Still there.’ (Klepto)

2. Bentleys TownHouse Restaurant, Stephen’s Green: ‘Ah, Bentleys. More of a Skoda, really!’ (Gastronaut)

3. McDonald’s, Bray Town Hall: ‘It’s still there but I try to pretend it’s not. “Come Friendly recession and fall on Maccers, For turning tastebuds into knackers”. Thank yew.’ (The Harbour Barfly)

4. St Luke’s, Drumcondra: ‘Bertie Ahern’s old constituency office. You can still see where the tentacles used to burrow into the underbelly of Irish society.’ (CupboardGirl)

5. Hughes & Hughes, Dundalk: ‘Good news here. It reopened earlier this month!’ (orig. Kenneth Wilson)

6. Dell, Limerick: ‘When the carpark was full’. (DirtyDog)

7. Nirvana Headshop, Capel St, Dublin: ‘Nnnnnngh, coz now we’ve all had to go back on de geear!’ (Seamus Hayes)

8. The Montrose Hotel, Stillorgan, Dublin: ‘Now owned by Nama or should I say us!’ (Stephen Devine)

9. Premier Blinds, Bray, Wicklow: ‘Gone. And now there’s a ‘cash for gold’ place there. Sad. Sad. Sad.’ (Mountaineer)

10. Leon Cafe, Wicklow Street, Dublin: ‘Great coffee, cosy atmos, overpriced cakes. RIP’ (MarsupialFeatures)

11. Road Records, Fade St., D2: ‘Downloads or High-fidelity style snobbery?’ (Sonic)

12. The Bridge Tavern B&B, Wicklow: ‘The only pub I know that hasn’t rebranded or simply changed management’ (Kealan Blaney)

13. Bang Cafe, Merrion Row, Dublin: ‘Bang, boom back’ (The GF)

14. Starbucks, Dalkey: ‘The famous Dalkey Starbucks.’ (Stephen)

15. Mint, Ranelagh, Dublin: Dylan McGrath’s old restaurant. The first place we thought of when we came up with this idea.

16. The Elysian, Cork: ‘Ireland’s tallest building. Michael O’Flynn’s luxury apartment complex opened September 2008. (ouch). Could not have been a worse time’. (Barney Magee)

17. Budget Travel, Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin: ‘All gone. This one’s a discount bookshop now.’ (Karl M)

18. The Irish Glass Bottle Site, Dublin: ‘The ultimate folly and the straw that broke the tiger’s back’. (Dirty Dog)

19. EP Mooney, Naas Road, Dublin: ‘Showrooms and forecourt empty now’ (Gobnait O’Lunacy)

20. Morrissey’s Family Butchers, Wexford Street, Dublin: ‘Just because it had been there for donkey’s. No pun intended, not getting at anything there’. (Suzanne Kirk)