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Scenes outside the Dail last night following Enda Kenny’s apology on behalf of the state to the women that worked in the Magdalene Laundries.

Earlier: ‘I, As Taoiseach…Deeply Regret And Apologise Unreservedly To All Those Women’

From top: Angela Downey, whose mother was a survivor from Good Shepherd; Gabrielle O’Gorman, who was incarcerated at the Sean MacDermott magdalen laundry, escaped but subsequently caught and then brought to another laundry in Limerick; Maureen Sullivan, and sisters Mary McManus and Kathleen Jannette, who were in Stanhope Street; Marina Gambold, Maureen Sullivan, Mary McManus, Kathleen Jannette, Steven O’Riordan, Geraldine Cronin and Julie McClure; Diane Croghan, Josephine Meade, Mary Smith and Kathleen Jannette; Mary McManus and Maureen Sullivan and  Mary McManus, left, and Kathleen Jannette.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall)

Moonlight Shadow
Snowspeeder Knock-Over Mission
Last Ship to Rendezvous Point
The Arrival of a Star Destroyer
The Derelict

Finnish illustrator and designer Vesa Lehtimäki has created these stunning vignettes over the last few years. There’s plenty more on his Flickr photostream with scenes from Hoth as well as a few set on Tatooine

He’s also produced a limited run book for himself and his son that we are desperately lusting over but is sadly not for sale.



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By ‘popular’ demand. A lovingly-compiled slideshow of our favourite things that look like Ireland sent in the past year. Think of it as a coffee table book in digital form. You’re most welcome.

Thanks to:

Mince pie (Therese O’Donoghue) Moss found in New Hampshire, USA (Noirin Ni Earcain) Damaged plasterwork, Siena, Italy (Margaret Lyons) Puddle (Dermot Donovan) Green ‘Gummi’ Bear (Sean Mullen) ‘Time Team’ on Channel 4 (Michelle Bond) Sawdust (Diarmaid Frain) Dublin City Bikes map (Simon Free) McNugget (unknown) Fake Hollywood Burn Prosthesis from Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (Alan O’Sullivan) Pothole in Culebra, off the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico (Diarmiuid Brophy) Stone (Lahcen Campbell) Tree from the Electric Picnic 2008 (Ruairi Carroll) Empty pack of Camel Lights (Kenneth Wilson) Graze on a five-year-old’s knee (Charanga) Bruise on an apple (Bob Lewis) King crisp (Andrew Moore) Cloud above Manhatten (Joe and Tina Buggy) Beer top foil (Naomi Kelly) Soup (Fionn Kidney) Hedge, West Cork (Diarmaid Frain).
The Unspecified Thing That Looks Like Ireland to



Taken yesterday in the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin.

We don’t know much about art.

But we have always trusted oil companies to tell us what’s what

Here then are some of the 21 winners of the this year’s Texaco Children’s Art Competition.

Now in its 57th year.

Which also happens to be Chompsky’s age in badly drawn dog years.

Gallery: 1. Shania McDonagh (13) from Mayo, winner (12 to 13 years) for her piece ‘Bill’. 2. Fionnan Henry (8) from Athlone, 2nd place (7 to 8 years) for his piece ‘Bird’s Nest’ 3. Bryna Molloy (15) from Mayo, 1st place (14 to 15 years) for her piece ‘Despair’. 4. Olivia Cure (6) from  Co Galway, 1st place (6 years and under) for her work ‘Rosie Whiskers’ (with her muse Rosie Whiskers). 5. Kerry Grimes (8) from Monaghan, 1st place (7 and 8 years) for her work ‘Flower Power’. 6. Juliette Morrison (13) from Louth , 2nd place (12 to 13 years) for her work ‘Raining Men’. 7. Keith Blake (18) from Tipperary, who won 1st place over all and 1st place (16 to 18 years) for his work ‘A Warm Place’. 8. Maire-Clare Doran (18) from Down, 2nd place (16 to 18 years) for her piece ‘The Lovely Lilly’. 9. Oenone Stafford (17) from Wexford, 3rd place in Category A (16 to 18 years) for her piece ‘Arklow Harbour’.
(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)



Salma Elbouzari, age 2,  and her father Seid  joined members of Ireland’s Libyan community in Dublin today to present letters to the Department of Foreign Affairs and the European Union House on Dawson Street, protesting against their country’s ruler Muammar Gadaffi and the bloodshed he has unleashed in Benghazi and Tripoli.

(Photocall Ireland)

Libya: Journalist Prepare For ‘Floodgates To Open’ (Guardian)