Nine Things To Talk About This Weekend


That do not include an opinion on Ireland’s Greatest – The Ones That Got Away, above.

Taken from the New York Times’ Crib sheet:

1. Osama bin Laden is reportedly “living in relative comfort” in a house, not a cave. He got tired of stalactites and waiting for the cable guy to show up.

2. Chilean miners seeking payday break secrecy pact. Pinky swears don’t count that far below ground.

3. Unexpected revenue streams: Elin Nordegren’s reported divorce payout is $110 million; Russell Brand says that sleeping with Kate Moss in 2006 is what made him famous.

4. Tony Curtis was buried with his iPhone, a Percoset and seven packs of Splenda. Tony’s heaven is one big “Sex and the City” episode.

5. First “unabashedly comic novel” wins a Booker Prize. Helen Fielding’s cigarette burns a large hole in restaurant tablecloth.

6. Ken Buck, Colorado Senate candidate, likens gay people to alcoholics. Either can get you a show on Bravo.

7. The actor Andrew McCarthy named travel journalist of the year. Paul Theroux goes to his agent’s office, peevishly re-enacts scenes from “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

8. Joycelyn Elders, former surgeon general, supports legalization of marijuana. It’s Tiparillos she despises.

9. The leader of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, on gay marriage, at New York gubernatorial candidate debate: “… if you want to marry a shoe, I’ll marry you.” Gay men marrying their shoes: Yes.

Back at 9am, Tuesday, with intermittent posting in between.

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