Boo! Hiss! Irish Times Tears Panto A New One


Ann Marie Hourihane went to Aladdin at the Gaiety (starring Mikey Graham, above, with Louis Walsh, who appears in hologram form, and co-star Una Pedreshchi) and found it tired, sexist and inept. A bit like the Broadsheet Xmas do.

“It is very interesting that pantomime should be so lazy in its treatment of homosexual men, as the action is conducted by men with false breasts and young characters who think that making your friend sit on something that will go up his bottom (don’t ask) is a terribly funny thing to do. It has to be said that the producers of the pantomime were alone in that belief. No one laughed as first Wishee Washee and then his friend Garda You Pong sat on the stool with erectile properties.”


Unthinking Sexism And Ineptitude No Pantomime (irish Times)

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