Monday Is Celebrity Mugshot Day




Bad celebrities. Naughty celebrities.

Frank Sinatra (adultery and seduction [they used to be crimes, you know], 1938), Snoop Dogg (possession of a collapsible baton, 2006), Macauley Culkin (marijuana possession, 2004), David Crosby (drug and gun possession, 1982), Jane Fonda (assaulting a police officer, 1970), Lindsay Lohan (DUI, drug possession, 2007), Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson (dealing, possession of cocaine, heroin, 1994), Dudley Moore (domestic violence, 1994), David Bowie (felony pot possession, 1976), Dennis Hopper (reckless driving 1975), Jay-Z (alleged stabbing of record exec, 1999), Johnny Cash (possession of pills and tranquilizers, 1965), Keefer Sutherland, (misdemeanour assault, 2009), Jim Morrison (indecent exposure, 1970), Larry King (grand larceny, 1971), Li’l Wayne (felony drug possession, 2008), Matt Dillon (speeding, 2009), Keanu Reeves (DUI, 1993), Heather Locklear (hit and run, 2010), Jimi Hendrix (possession of heroin and hashish, 1969), Mel Gibson (DUI, 2006), Nick Nolte (DUI, 2002), OJ Simpson (murder, 1994), Ozzy Osbourne (public intoxication, 1984), Mickey Rourke (DUI, 2007), Vince Vaughn (fighting in public, 2001), Sam Shepard (DUI, 2009), Steve McQueen (DUI, 1972), Steve-O (indecent exposure, 2002), Tupac Shakur (felony sexual abuse of a female fan, 1995), Mike Tyson (misdemeanour criminal damage, 2004), Woody Harrelson (disturbing the peace, 1982).
Key sources: MugshotPictures,  Haven Video
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