Old And Poor, But Lovely And Warm Thanks


    The Green manifesto. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

  • Invest €500m from the National Pension Reserve Fund into insulation
  • Build 2 gigawatts of interconnection to make Ireland an energy exporter
  • Plant 15,000 hectares of forestry
  • Market Ireland internationally as a ‘Green Island’ and implement Green Star rating for eco-tourism
  • Roll out ultra-fast broadband Exemplar network nationwide
  • Invest €70m in web training for 20,000 unemployed people who can then work to web-enable Irish business
  • Provide access for the private sector to Government data
  • Transfer all public services to cloud computing
  • Establish an International Content Service Centre
  • Abolish Forfás and redirect savings into EI/IDA grants
  • Create a Green IFSC for carbon verification and green financial services
  • Spend the next five years in the wilderness only appearing in public to apologise.
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