Stress Test Show Tests Stress


If you weren’t scared watching Vincent Browne last night you may have had the sound down.

It was, of course, Apocalypse Now with Vincent as Kurtz and lots of burning napalm.

A few thoughts, though:

We enjoy watching Paul Sommerville, the fast-blinking stock broker/analyst, even though Chompsky nurses many reservations about his faith in the Market.

But if his job is working off the teensiest sliver of margins from the tiniest murmur of share activity, is it proper he be allowed to cast scary, doom-laden predictions on a late night show which, we are told, is watched by representatives of trading firms, hedge-fund managers, etc., in London and New York?

Anyhoo, Constance Gurglekiev and Margaret E Ward.

If life was high-school, these two would like totally be dating.