“Did You Get A Cheque From This Guy Or Not?”



Gallagher: “Well, you know I’ve always tried to stay above any negative campaigning and I understand from a query during the week in one of the newspapers and when my campaign team sent back the information on the said character, I don’t want to cast any aspersions on him….”
Kenny: “So you know who he is?”
Gallagher: “He’s a convicted criminal, a fuel smuggler, investigated by the Criminal Assets Bureau and rented the office out to Gerry Adams, Martin’s colleague, in the last general election. I don’t want to get involved in this, I don’t believe….”
(Audience noise and cheers)
Kenny: “Can we put this to rest now. Did you get a cheque from this guy or not?”
Gallagher: “I have no recollection of getting a cheque from this guy…”
(Audience boo and hiss – someone shouts “Liar!”)
Gallagher: “I can tell you, let me explain this very simply.”
McGuinness: “The man said you went to his house Sean.”
Gallagher: “I explained that they’re were two or three people that I asked….invited, I don’t know the man very well that’s in question…”
Kenny: “Hang on a second, you’re saying you went around to a fuel smuggler and all sorts of things and invited him to a Fianna Fail do?”
Gallagher: “I’ll tell you quite simply Pat, I was asked…”
Kenny: “No, You labelled him one thing and yet you invited him, so which is it? Or are you happy with both?”
Gallagher: “I wasn’t aware at the time 3 years ago. I’m just making the point that I was asked to pass the information on to local business communities which I did. I want to say one thing. This is not what the presidential election should be about.”
(Audience clap – someone says “absolutely”)
Kenny: “Martin McGuinness, do you want to…..? briefly?”
McGuinness: I think Sean should answer the question. And the question is, did he go to a man’s house, a man who spoke to me on the telephone several hours ago, and collect a cheque for €5,000 euro?”
Gallagher: “What Martin has said is that I drove to the man’s house to deliver a photograph of the event and that he gave me a cheque. I may well have delivered the photograph if he gave me an envelope…I…”
(Audience laughs)
Gallagher: “The point is, if he gave me the cheque, it was made out to Fianna
Fail headquarters and it was delivered, and that was that. It had nothing to do with me.”
McGuinness: “That’s a clear admission of what I said earlier.”
(Audience claps)
Kenny: Michael D Higgins, do you want to say anything on this, Michael D
Michael D Higgins: “I think that it’s very important that there be absolutely full and total disclosure and resolution of this and as quickly as possible. You know, what you say when you take the office of President, (recites Irish) I dedicate my abilities to the welfare ofthe people of Ireland… That’s all of the people of Ireland and
it’s far beyond any of this kind of thing, quite frankly, and I do think we should, in a way if we can, I think these matters should be clarified, they’re quite urgent…”
Kenny: “Hang on a second Michael, it’s all very well to be pious and all the rest of it.”
Higgins: “No, it’s not pious, it’s a man being straight.”
Kenny: “No, hang on, you want to be judged on your record. If there are things that we need to know about all the 7 candidates, about their record, we need to know it. So, you want to walk away from this particular controversy…”
Higgins: “No, I don’t at all. Could I have said more clearly that the matter needs to be clarified? And as a matter of urgency and immediately. And I think that’s very… that’s what the public want, you know in the end it isn’t about us 7 here, it’s about what’s good for Ireland and what’s good for the Irish people.”

The Frontline ‘moment’.

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