Finally! The Truth About THAT Marty Whelan Photo


Many years ago the RTE Guide inadvertently placed a photo on its pages of Marty Whelan sporting what can only be described as a massive, spontaneous erection while posing on a Vespa.

Was it real or Photoshopped? Impressed readers of the family magazine have wondered ever since.

Now, in an interview with Katie Byrne of The Dubliner (with today’s Evening Herald) Marty literally spills the beans:

The Dubliner: “Please forgive me in advance but there is a very funny picture of you that appeared in the RTE Guide many moons ago.”

Marty: “I know what it is.”

The Dubliner: “I know you know what it is.”

Marty: “How do you know I know?”

The Dubliner: “I Know…”

Marty: “This sounds like something from Blackadder now…Am I on a scooter?”

The Dubliner: “Yes.”

Marty: “Aaaah, the scooter. There was no airbrushing on that picture. can I confirm, no airbrushing at all. That’s all me. What a bike!” [laughs uproariously]

The Dubliner: “So, can I use the headline ‘That Photo Was Not Airbrushed’?

Marty: “No airbrushing required.”

Courtesy of The Dubliner