No More Black Eyed Peas?


Following a Wednesday, Nov. 23 performance in Miami, the Black Eyed Peas will embark on an indefinite hiatus.

Oh thank God.

The group is quick to state that their time apart is merely a “break,” and not a “break-up,” as Fergie,, and Taboo also will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show the same day to discuss their plans.

Oh God.

“We always have two cycles of records and then we take a break,” explains. “And then two cycles of records and then a break. When we take breaks you know, we work on side projects and get our personal stuff in order then come back and make beautiful music. We think beautiful music.”


The Black Eyed Peas. They take away with one hand, and take away with the other.

Black Eyed Peas To Take Indefinite Hiatus Following Miami Show (Billboard)

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