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EORÐESLAJYR – Dublin experimental soundtracks for silent film classics

What you may need to know…

01. Loosely pronounced “earth-slayer”, this Dublin avant-garde outfit is a fringe supergroup of sorts. Synth wizard Simon Bird is joined by Spudgun vocalist Sam Burton and Turning Down Sex bassist Tom Morris on guitars.

02. Started initially as a project for providing new soundtracks and scores to classic silent cinema, the band met their match in 1922 opus Häxan (a.k.a. Witchcraft Through the Ages), and feeling the project required more, recruited a cellist, saxophonist and percussionist to fill proceedings out.

03. Streaming above is the trailer for the resulting full-length, Häxan, to be released by the band this Oiche Shamhna, on cassette, VHS (soundtracking an edit of the film) and digital download.

04. As if to summon the Quare Fella himself, the band will screen the film with their new score as a pre-release for the record, at Filmbase in Temple Bar on the 27th. Defilers, deviants, and idolaters most welcome.

Verdict: From what your writer has heard so far – abrasive and uncomfortable. Perfect for their source material.



They’re out at it, again.

Electioneering is rife, and amid all the false promises and fiscal space invasions, Dublin’s premiere observers of the sterility of Irish modernity are releasing a new tune.

Shrug Life, who impressed with strident yet sarky EP The Grand Stretch last year, continue in their wry mode of gentle agit-pop with new single Making Progress, streaming in the widget above.

Sez the lads, ahead of a gig in Dubland on Thursday:

Evoking the rabble rousing spirit of The Jam and the black humour of The Smiths, ‘Making Progress’ is fuelled by the uncertainty and false promise of electioneering Ireland.

Produced by Fiachra McCarthy (Squarehead, Dott, So Cow) and mastered by Mark Chester (Ginnels, Paddy Hanna), the song is  available as a free download from the band’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages (links below)

Shrug Life will also play Dublin’s Bernard Shaw to celebrate the release this Thursday at 9pm. With a capacity of 80, and free entry, get there (very) early

Download: WAV and MP3

Shrug Life