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“I think Kevin Reynolds is a very, very lucky man, in this regard. That he was accused of fathering a child and not of rape alone. Because if he had been accused of rape alone, my guess is that we wouldn’t be sitting here now. Because he had a scientifically verifiable way of proving his innocence. And if it had been rape alone, it would have been one person’s word against the other. He would have been just as innocent as he is today and he would have no possibility of proving it.”
Breda O’Brien, Tonight with Vincent Browne, November 22.

“Here’s one question among all the others that the government-ordered investigation into RTE’s ‘Mission to Prey’ programme should consider: had that programme ‘merely’ accused Fr Kevin Reynolds of raping a minor, but not of fathering her child, what would have happened? The accusation that Fr Reynolds raped a minor was not scientifically testable. It would have been Fr Reynolds’s word against that of the alleged ‘victim’ and in the current climate a priest would have a hard job convincing a jury of his innocence.”
David Quinn.
Irish Independent, November 25.

 ”You have to ask yourself how that state of affairs came about. That it’s priests and nuns guilty as charged. How did that happen? The Iona Institute did research on what the public think is the rate of abuse among priests. And it’s really scary reading…Seventy per cent of people overestimate it. Seventy per cent of people overestimate the rate of abuse by clergy. Forty two per cent think that one in five priests are actually abusers…So you have a vast overestimation…even Maeve Lewis, of One in Four, has said that there’s been a disproportionate amount of attention paid to clerical abuse, to the detriment of the vast majority of people who have not been abused by clergy.
Breda O’Brien,Tonight with Vincent Browne, November 22.

“…A poll conducted by Amarach Research and commissioned by The Iona Institute (which I head) showing that 42pc of the public believe at least one in every five priests has abused a child. And 17pc believe it is at least one in two. This totally false perception did not arise out of nothing. It arose in the first place from the church’s grotesque failures in this area, but also from reporting that has, in the words of Helen Buckley, one of the Ferns Report authors, been disproportionately focused on clerical child abuse at the expense of all other forms of child abuse.”
David Quinn, Irish Independent, November 25.

Badly Clouded Judgment Has No Place In The Media (David Quinn, Irish Independent)

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