The RTE ‘Monkey Tennis’ Challenge: Day 2


Following the announcement of RTE’s new show ‘Undercover Bishop’, some new programme ideas have emerged:

The Angelus Redux’ – the longer, uncut version of the popular teatime favourite. Contains more bongs, more pauses and extra stills of religious icons. (Joe Donnelly)

‘Christy Dignam’s Crazy World’ – Aslan front man host two hours of the most inane videos from the internet. Cats, Farting Dogs, Lana Del Ray (James M Chimney)

‘Sell Your Granny’ – Have you got it in you? Jackie Lavin hosts (Dougdawg).

‘My Left Footloose’ – Cerebral Palsy sufferers get to judge the dancing prowess of Ireland’s literary elite (Cionn)

‘Lady Gaa Gaa’ – A six part ground-breaking documentary series exploring the sometimes secret, sometimes violent, sometimes heartbreaking world of ladies inter-county camogie (James M Chimney)

Do you have a telly show idea that deserves to be heard? The 10 considered most-surreal-yet-plausible will become part of a soon-to-be lovingly-designed parody of the RTE Guide listings. Make your pitch below.

Lines Close at 1pm (Extended to 4.45pm).

UPDATE: And here are the winning entries: RTE Guide. Only Better 

(Photocall Ireland)
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