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Do you feel you’re on the road to nowhere with dating apps? Could your Mam pick the love of your life? Or does your Da know marriage material when he sees it? It’s time to find out if swiping right was all wrong.

Could the secret be to just ask your parents?

We are looking for daters for Pulling with my Parents a brand new series for RTÉ2 that wants to save young singles from the merry-go-round of bad dates. We want men and women, who are jaded with swiping, ghosting and disastrous dates, to give something new a go.

If you’re single and up for a laugh, or your child’s love life is in need of some TLC get in touch at dating@alleycats.tv


Following the announcement of RTE’s new show ‘Undercover Bishop’, some new programme ideas have emerged:

The Angelus Redux’ – the longer, uncut version of the popular teatime favourite. Contains more bongs, more pauses and extra stills of religious icons. (Joe Donnelly)

‘Christy Dignam’s Crazy World’ – Aslan front man host two hours of the most inane videos from the internet. Cats, Farting Dogs, Lana Del Ray (James M Chimney)

‘Sell Your Granny’ – Have you got it in you? Jackie Lavin hosts (Dougdawg).

‘My Left Footloose’ – Cerebral Palsy sufferers get to judge the dancing prowess of Ireland’s literary elite (Cionn)

‘Lady Gaa Gaa’ – A six part ground-breaking documentary series exploring the sometimes secret, sometimes violent, sometimes heartbreaking world of ladies inter-county camogie (James M Chimney)

Do you have a telly show idea that deserves to be heard? The 10 considered most-surreal-yet-plausible will become part of a soon-to-be lovingly-designed parody of the RTE Guide listings. Make your pitch below.

Lines Close at 1pm (Extended to 4.45pm).

UPDATE: And here are the winning entries: RTE Guide. Only Better 

(Photocall Ireland)