Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Bejing International Airport, China

Biosphere 2 (artificial, materially-closed ecological system) Oracle, Arizona, USA

Burj Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The work of David Thomas Smith who sez:

Composited from digital files drawn from aerial views taken from internet satellite images, this work reflects upon the complex structures that make up the centres of global capitalism, transforming the aerial landscapes of sites associated with industries such as oil, precious metals, consumer culture information and excess. Thousands of seemingly insignificant coded pieces of information are sown together like knots in a rug to reveal a grander spectacle.

Not only that:
Questions of photographic and economic realities are further complicated through the formal use of patterns that have their origins in the ancient civilizations of Persia. This work draws upon the patterns and motifs used by Persian rug makers, especially the way Afghani weavers use the rug to record their experiences more literally with vivid images of the war torn land that surrounds them.


We’d really like to see Dublin.

Actually, forget that.

Thanks hXci
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