Screening Room Winner


You may recall our screening room competition with Brooks Hotel on Friday.

We have a highly manipulative deserving winner

Thryza writes:

I would like to see Cinema Paradiso because it is my dad’s favourite film. I would love to do this for his 60th birthday. He grew up in a cinema and his family cinema closed in the 1970s and he still has the old projectors and other memorabilia from it. Please pick me so as I could give him this lovely present.


As for the Karate kids from ‘Punt Printer’?

I would like to win as I will donate the prize to some orphan children I teach karate to. They have never ever seen a movie on the “big screen” before. Now that I think of it they have never been on the Luas either so it could be a wonderful adventure for them. To view it would be Charlie and the chocolate factory ( the original ). of course. ( the story of the child with nothing who get everything because he is good )

Orphans? Karate? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Never been on a Luas?

Unless we hear otherwise we must treat this as a wind-up. If true the good people at Brooks have promised to give it their full attention.

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