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You may recall our screening room competition with Brooks Hotel on Friday.

We have a highly manipulative deserving winner

Thryza writes:

I would like to see Cinema Paradiso because it is my dad’s favourite film. I would love to do this for his 60th birthday. He grew up in a cinema and his family cinema closed in the 1970s and he still has the old projectors and other memorabilia from it. Please pick me so as I could give him this lovely present.


As for the Karate kids from ‘Punt Printer’?

I would like to win as I will donate the prize to some orphan children I teach karate to. They have never ever seen a movie on the “big screen” before. Now that I think of it they have never been on the Luas either so it could be a wonderful adventure for them. To view it would be Charlie and the chocolate factory ( the original ). of course. ( the story of the child with nothing who get everything because he is good )

Orphans? Karate? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Never been on a Luas?

Unless we hear otherwise we must treat this as a wind-up. If true the good people at Brooks have promised to give it their full attention.

Or more specifically do you like to watch movies with a number of your friends in a screening room with a little free booze and the film of your choice playing?

You might like this so.

Brooks 4*Hotel located a few  minutes walk from Grafton Street, Dublin,  is offering you the chance to take over their screening room on a Friday or Saturday night to watch a  film of your choice.

On arrival you and your friends will be treated to a glass of something before taking over the hotel’s state of the art screening room (above). All the winner has to do is turn up with 12 others armed with a copy of their favourite film on DVD or even Blu Ray or even video.

To enter, just name the movie you would choose and why you think your friends need to see it.

UPDATE: Deadline extended to 5pm Saturday.

Brooks Hotel

No money favours, etc. were given for this post other than the prize