The Greatest Oirish Movie You’ve (Probably) Never Seen


And now you can!

From the Irish Film Institute:

March’s Must-See Cinema from the IFI Irish Film Archive is Quackser Fortune has a Cousin in the Bronx (1970), presented in collaboration with the St. Patrick’s Day Festival. In one of the best-loved and most bizarre films in its collection,

How bizarre?

Gene Wilder plays a Dublin horse manure collector and salesman who falls in love with swinging young Trinity student Zazel (Margot Kidder). Initially they overcome their differences but soon Quackser’s oddities and Zazel’s class pull them apart. But when Quackser’s cousin in the Bronx passes away, leaving him a small inheritance, he sets off to find Zazel again.

The two leads are supported by a terrific local cast including May Ollis, Eileen Colgan and the late David Kelly.

The film is presented as a tribute to David Kelly and will be introduced by actor Jonathan White, an admirer of David Kelly and of Quackser Fortune.

St Patrick’s Day 4.20pm. Tickets €5 here.

Thanks DO’C

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