Some Friends


In what might be seen as the first salvo in an inter-generational war, Friends of the Elderly has called for the scrapping of transition year.

The organisation…described the senior cycle “gap year” as “self-indulgent” and “a luxury we can’t afford” and said it should be replaced with a community service year.


Scrap ‘Self-indulgent’ Transition Year, Urges Elderly Lobby Group (Ronan McGreevey, Irish Times)

Which prompted Declan to write:

– Speaking as a 27 year old who did transition year and is now a tax payer left paying off the debts incurred by the auld ones – I’m a bit annoyed. How about we take away the vote from them and the travel pass. They obviously made a fuck of it the first time time so why give them a self indulgent second chance.



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