The Instagram Infographic


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Instagram: From Zero to $1 Billion in 17 Months (Mashable)

Meanwhile, The Broadsheet Infographic:

July 2010: Broadsheet launched

January 2011: Ewok and Bodger join staff.

December 2011: Staff evicted from Karl’s ‘den’ after ‘smelting incident’

March 2011: Bodger’s Jobseeker’s Allowance cut off.

January 2012: Broadsheet’s ‘Angel investor’ sentenced to 15 months in Mountjoy. Criminal Assets Bureau seize Ewok’s laptop and pager.

March 2012: Female version of Broadsheet scrapped due to lack of ‘Series B’ funding. And staff. And equipment. And ‘Series A’ funding. And stuff.

April 2012: Broadsheet named by Wired as the “go-to-Irish site for unusually large equine erections”.

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