Meanwhile, At The Action On X Protest


This morning on Kildare Street, Dublin.

Calling on the government to decriminalise abortion following the release yesterday of figures (by the UK Department of Health) showing that 4,149 Irish women (some under the age of16) travelled to the UK for terminations in 2011.

Alison Spillane, of Action on X and the Irish Feminist Network, sez:

“Criminalising abortion doesn’t work and these latest figures prove that. While we welcome the slight fall in the numbers of women going to England and Wales for terminations, the fact remains that over 4,000 women made that difficult journey last year. This is wrong. We call on the government to start the process of providing safe legal abortions for women in Ireland by taking the first step: implementing the 20-year-old Supreme Court ruling in the X Case.”

Action On X (Facebook)

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