60/40, You Say?



In the early hours of Friday morning, despite a low turnout, that traditionally benefits No campaigners in Irish EU referendums, a government exit poll reported a “a ‘Yes’ by more than a 60/40 per cent margin.

Irish Referendum: Secret Polls Predict Yes vote Despite Low Turnout (Bruno Waterfield, Telegraph)

According to government sources, Ireland’s referendum on the EU’s new fiscal treaty is likely to pass by a margin of more than three to two, but with a turnout as low as 50%. Unlike the Lisbon Treaty ratification, this time the Irish vote matters little for the Union. “It’s safe to say it’s a ‘Yes’ by more than a 60/40 margin,” one of the sources said, citing polling data.

Irish Seen Approving fiscal Treaty By ‘Safe’ 60-40 Margin (Euractiv.com)

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