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The rot set in soon after.


Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan and Josepha Madigan, Minister for Culture, at government buildings this afternoon

Government news agency Merrion Street tweetz:

In May, the people will be asked to approve an amendment to Article 41.3.2 of the Constitution to remove the minimum living apart period for spouses applying for a divorce. It is the Government’s intention to deal with the living apart period by way of ordinary legislation.

Referendum to be held on easing of divorce restrictions (RTE)


Last evening at the junction of Clarence St and Lr George’s St, Dún Laoghaire – previously (top pic)  the location of a Yes For Repeal mural..

Ultan Mashup writes:

Not ‘Stones fans. But a nice GRMA to Dún Laoghaire and a message for Norn Iron.

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Expats For Life twask:

From Paris to New York to Sydney & right around the world, Irish expats are becoming engaged in #8thref & mobilising to help #Savethe8th & defeat #repealthe8th. Many will be coming #hometovote. When will the media cover this instead of the constant #repealthe8th expat stories?




The Guardian reports:

Jordi Turull, the Catalan regional government spokesman, told reporters early on Monday morning that 90% of the 2.26 million Catalans who voted Sunday chose yes.

He said nearly 8% of voters rejected independence and the rest of the ballots were blank or void. He said 15,000 votes were still being counted. The region has 5.3 million registered voters.

Catalan referendum: preliminary results show 90% in favour of independence (The Guardian)

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Via MerrionStreet.ie

The Government today, 26th September 2017, agreed an indicative timetable for a number of referendums on constitutional amendments and reforms to local government, arising from the work of the Citizens’ Assembly, the Convention on the Constitution, and the Programme for a Partnership Government:

Referendum on the Eighth amendment – May or June 2018

Referendums on Blasphemy (Article 40.6.1) and “Woman’s life within the home” (Article 41.2.1) – October 2018

Plebiscite on directly elected executive mayors – October 2018

Referendums on Divorce, Extending the Franchise at Presidential Elections to Irish CitizensResident outside the State, and Reducing the voting age to 16, – June 2019


Government Sets Indicative Timetable For Referendums (Merrionstreet)


Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.54.53

Taoiseach Enda Kenny and US President Barack Obama

You may recall the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal between the European Union and the US.

Part of the deal involves an ‘Investment Court System’.

Further to this…

Peter O’Dwyer, in today’s Irish Examiner, reports:

One of the most controversial aspects of the proposed deal is the inclusion of an investment court system (ICS), which critics argue would give corporations the power to sue sovereign states in trade disputes.

… Dublin-based senior counsel and former chairman of the Bar Council of England and Wales Matthias Kelly said the proposed investment court would “certainly infringe” upon the Irish Constitution in two areas and possibly three. In his opinion, the investment court system would:

Possibly infringe on Article 15.2.1 which vests sole power to make law in the Oireachtas;

Certainly infringe on Article 34.1 which vests the power to dispense justice in the Irish domestic courts;

Certainly infringe on Article 34.3.2 which makes the High Court and Appellate Courts above it the sole court in which a law may be questioned.

‘Referendum required’ in transatlantic trade deal (Peter O’Dwyer, Irish Examiner)

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Brendan Ogle, from the Right 2 Water campaign, spoke with John Keogh on Newstalk’s Lunchtime earlier.

He’s calling for a referendum.

From the interview…

Brendan Ogle: “There are two things that are important about any proposed referendum. The first thing that’s important is where the proposed wording would sit in the constitution. Different parts of the constitution are open to different types of interpretation. So we’re proposing a specific article section, Article 28, Section 421, which is the part of the constitution which deals with the functions of government, the functions of the executive and what we’re proposing is a very simply worded referendum which would read as follows:

‘The Government shall be collectively responsible for the protection, management and maintenance of the public water system. The Government shall ensure, in the public interest, that this resource remains in public ownership and management.’

John Keogh: ‘Ok, why is there a need for a referendum when we already have this guarantee enshrined in legislation. Alan Kelly brought legislation before the Dáil only a couple of months back.”

Ogle: “Well, fair question John, but what we need to realise here is that there’s no such thing as a guarantee enshrined in legislation. Legislation, such as the legislation for example, to enact Irish Water itself, is simply legislation, it can be changed in the Dáil and is often changed and I’m sure the Irish Water legislation will be changed. And sometimes the legislation can be changed very, very quickly by the use of whips and guillotines and all sorts of…”


Ogle: “Just to be clear, we don’t want to do anything with Irish Water, except abolish it. We certainly don’t want to put that in the constitution.”


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Greek PM Alex Tsipras (top) and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis voting today

The first results that have come through from the Greek referendum are pointing to a “no” vote after the polls closed at 5pm (Irish time) today.

The Greek government has set up a live website which will update as the results trickle in – it’s showing that with 14.09 per cent of the vote counted, 60.23 per cent voted “no” and 39.77 per cent voted “yes”.

Early Returns Show Greeks Reject Terms of E.U. Bailout (New York Times)

Greece heads towards historic no vote against austerity measures (The Guardian)



Ah here.

Athens, Greece tonight.

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