Meet Le Monstre


The Cadillac Special Edition 2012 CTS-V Coupe “Le Monstre” from Cadillac tuning specialists D3:

Le Monstre utilizes all of the latest  performance advancements from D3 in terms of thermal efficiency,  suspension/chassis, aero, and powertrain that is capable of producing in excess  of 1001HP & 1000FT Lbs tq. Extensive performance upgrades & technology have  been integrated into the vehicle to offset the overall weight making it a  powerful adversary on the track.  Le Monstre will come equipped with Toyo Proxes  T1R UHP summer tires and/or Toyo Proxes R888 competition tires and said to be  targeting 1+G on the skid pad.

Plus, it looks like something out of Robocop.

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