You Want Defiant Tricolours?


Alan Daly at Kantar Media writes:

“Our pitiful attempt at a tricolour.”

David Froggat writes:

First pic: Lower Mountpleasant Avenue in Rathmines, yesterday. second pic: Google Street view = no tricolour


Hilary Fitzgibbon writes:

“Our neighbour’s balcony in Playa Mogan, Gran Canaria.”


Brian Colhoun writes:

“My damn defiant hipster tricolour.”


Cathal O’Rourke writes:

Tesco, Prussia Street, Dublin, last night. Every little helps.


Maria Benson writes:

Defiant tricolour cupcakes. They didn’t rise very well though. Inspired by the snow cone cupcakes! I’ll make another batch if ireland win tomorrow.

Liza Finnegan writes:

Tricolour overload on my wedding day [September 24th last year]. it wasn’t planned by the way (the dress tricolour not the wedding!).


Simon Judge writes:

Daniel Johnston’s new tees.


EB writes:

I randomly pulled out these 3 gummy bears from a bag yesterday! :)

Eithne Sexton writes:

Accidental (but defiant) soup making tricolour


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