Could You Ask Your Readers What They Make Of This Demo?


Cathal Furey writes:

I’m one of the co-founders of 45sound, a four-person start-up based just down the road from Google on Barrow Street, Dublin. Without boring you too much – we’re developed a service for easily fan-sourcing live music videos and making them sound great by automatically matching them with a proper live audio recording.

The band arrange the audio recording and promote the idea to their fans so we don’t have to be at any of the shows. It can scale around the world.
Anyhow we have one major competitor called who are based
in Silicon Valley and got $1.2m in VC funding this week. They just organise fan videos that have already gone up onto YouTube, they don’t even make them sound right or do it with the band’s permission always.
Our website needs a bit of polish at the moment but our back-end technology is miles ahead. We’re releasing our iPhone app next month and would love to get some feedback. Thanks, Cathal.

Your thoughts…

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