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In the Limerick Leader

Fintan Walsh reports:

Gardaí will soon be able to use mobile phones to access CCTV footage, record statements and check vehicle registrations, thanks to an app the Limerick division is piloting.

Speaking after a joint policing committee meeting at City Hall, Supt Derek Smart said that the ambitious scheme is “at a very advanced stage” and is being driven by Chief Supt David Sheahan.

Another feature being considered by the gardaí is the installation of CCTV access in garda patrol vehicles.

…Explaining the app’s concept, Supt Smart told the Leader last Friday: “If I am in the patrol car I will be able to check, if I see a car in front of me, I can put the reg number into my phone and I can check it. I don’t have to ring people inside in Henry Street to check it.

“You will be able to do it out and about on the street. There will be all apps built into specific phones in regard to it. It basically replaces the notebook. But it becomes a modern tool as well. You can go back into the station, you dock your phone, you download into the system and it is recorded there.”

New garda app piloted in Limerick (Limerick Leader)


TaptDonegal-developed and published rhythm game

What you may need to know…

01. Because not all musical endeavour involves bands and artists, presented for your consideration: Tapt, an Irish-developed rhythm game for iOS.

02. Developed and self-published by Donegal man Stephen Coyle, the game focuses on rhythm rather than melody, unlike a lot of similar endeavours, and encourages attention to detail in listening to said tunes.

03. Streaming above is a playthrough of the first stage by French mobile-game YouTuber First Stage, demonstrating its capabilities.

04. Get it at the App Store, and check the various expansion packs. Every purchase helps fund Coyle’s development of an educational edition of the app.

VERDICT: An interesting concept that should rightly help a lot of people with the basics of rhythm, and provide a satisfying puzzle-game experience on the way.


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