Paddy Has Lost


It has taken over 30 days of hearings, the court room has been packed to the gunnels with nearly 40 solicitors and barristers, the saga encompassed Bono from U2, Tony Blair, princes, yachts and of course Derek Quinlan “sitting around on his fat arse”, and today we get one ruling on one small – but highly significant for NAMA – aspect of the Paddy McKillen (above) versus the Barclay brothers case in London’s High Court.

Earlier this year, a British High Court judge gave an interim ruling which supported Paddy’s claim on a peripheral point in the case. That ruling was appealed to the British Appeal Court. The point at issue was whether or not NAMA had the right to sell the loans in the way that it did. Paddy said it hadn’t. NAMA said it had.

Paddy has lost.


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