Pretty Stunning, To Be Fair


You may recall the post where we asked you to review a demo of a new sound app from some developers in Dublin.

It allows you to sync quality sound with the video you may have captured at a concert.

This just in (above): it seems to work.

Cathal Furey writes:

The Stunning played a free gig at the Volvo Ocean Races in Galway on Friday night and they used 45sound at it. Fairly epic gig and I think it will be of interest to some of your Broadsheet readers of a certain generation.

This is them playing “Brewing Up A Storm” to finish the show: I think it shows off the 45sound concept pretty well. We’ve had 44 videos uploaded to the show but there must be a lot more that people haven’t yet uploaded, would be great if you could stick up a post asking for them.


Send videos to 45Sound here