The Bream JobBridge


FK writes:

Here’s yet another scandalous Job Bridge programme. I currently work in employment services here in Killarney and am on the various government recruitment websites every day. This is a perfect example of the use of the aforementioned scheme that employers not only here in Kerry, but all over the country are using to get free labour
As a fish processer, the average person should take a few days to train in due to it’s basic nature. The internship infers that the intern shoud ‘learn the ropes’ of the job over a nine month period.
Some summer student, long-term unemployed person or general job seeker is losing out on a position here, as is the government due to lack of tax being paid.
As I said I see more and more of these every day and it saddens me working from the inside to see colleagues giving the go ahead.


Fish Processor (Fas)

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