Broadsheet Trailer Park: Killing Them Softly



What you may need to know:

1. Between this, World War Z (2013) and Ridley Scott’s The Counselor (2013), Brad Pitt may be about to enter a long-overdue bad-ass phase.

2.  Killing Them Softly is a crime flick based on a novel by hard boiled supremo George V. Higgins, who wrote The Friends Of Eddie Coyle, later turned into one of THE great ’70s crime flicks.

3. It’s directed by Andrew Dominik, who made Chopper (2000) and The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford (2007), both stone cold masterpieces.

4. And what a supporting cast: we’re talking Richard Jenkins, Ray Liotta, Sam Shepard, Ben ‘Animal Kingdom’ Mendelsohn and Tony motherfucking Soprano, AKA James Gandolfini.

5. Factoid: this is the third time Gandolfini has played a hitman in a Brad Pitt movie, following True Romance (1993) and The Mexican (2001). Which reminds us, we really need to get some beer, and some cleaning products.

Release Date (Ireland): October

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