Do You Like Chocolate Biscuit Cake? Lines CLOSE At 2pm


Specifically a large chocolate biscuit cake with heavenly icing and subtle product placement?

Last night we marked our second birthday at Jo’Burger Town (JBT), Castle Market, Dublin (opposite Grogan’s) with a bit of a ‘get-together’.

Dublin cakesmith Helen Byrne, who has been baking things for more than 70 years, kindly donated the treat (presented above by Caspar ‘the Friendly Hipster Kid’).

We still have the cake.

Would you like the cake?

Just finish the sentence.

I deserve the chocolate biscuit cake because…

Most NOMNOMNOM deserving entry wins the cake.

Lines close at 2pm

[Should the winner reside in Dublin it can be picked up before 5pm]

2.10pm UPDATE:The winner is Lidija Radacic who works at Barnacles Hostel, Temple Bar, Dublin

She wrote: Righty – you wanna a bit of shameless promo? I have full hostel of hungry tourists who will each get a piece of cake and lecture about how Broadsheet is the best thing since the biscuit cake.  Yes, seriously, I will give it away. Nom nom nom.

(Pic:Leon Farrell)

Thanks all (but in particular to Elizabeth Leahy, Sinead Ryan, Joe Macken, Eight Degrees Brewing Company, Absolut Vodka and Chompsky’s dog handler). A lovely night.