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This afternoon.

From the ‘sheet postbag.

Dear Sir/Madame,

I used to read Broadsheet regularly and was very fond of witnessing the rag bag of civil servants, paid shills, government operatives and psychotic maladjusted freaks that make up the comment section tearing strips off each other and frothing at the mouth at the latest smug pile-on. I was a particular fan of Nigel’s 500 daily posts and Daisy’s Wildean wit.

But today I dropped in to check on the site and all I saw was awe-inspiring pics of sunsets, nostalgic adverts and promotion of creative musicians.

Needless to say, I won’t be coming back any time soon. How do you like that, Bodger?

KN, Dublin



Blessings of the season to you ALL.

After a difficult year, our severely depleted crew are starting to wind down for Christmas.

Some of us are heading to the Broadsheet Christmas party (in the snug of the Dawson Lounge – bring nibbles), others are going back to their bitterly-divided families while others still are taking this opportunity to enter specilaist rehabilitation facilities.

Here’s to conquering demons.

We all wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

Expect daily, if less frequent, posting, through December 27.


A number of readers, many of them beloved friends of the site, have received the above message.

We are very sorry. We haven’t the foggiest who is behind it. Cyber messers of some nature.

UPDATE: Only three commenters are ‘banned’ from Broadsheet: Memes, Zuppy and Charger (all of whom sneak back in regularly, the rascals).

Apologies all.

Any excuse