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At some point between 10pm and Midnight last Friday, two loose groupings, hithereto implacably opposed to one another, found common ground.

We don’t need to go into too many details, but the issue was Roosky and that common ground was us and not in a good way.

People who wouldn’t agree with each other on anything much were joined – on Twitter mainly but in personal correspondence also – in their contempt for the site. We were variously described as  “fascist”, “weak”, “well-funded” and “click-obsessed”.

Back when all this was green fields and lost bicycles we didn’t envisage this kind of misunderstanding.

Our main reasons for doing the site would seem too corny to be immediately credible, but If it is at all possible we would like to clear up a few misconceptions:

Apart from a soft spot for the Soc Dems (currently under review *cough*), we have no affiliation to any political party, movement (hard left or alt right or in between), trade union, charity or think tank. We welcome all views.

Right of reply:
Freely available to anyone who feels slighted by anything on the site.

Our posts are constructed so that that the reader often needs to see the photo and read the text to understand the headline thus deterring sensation seekers. Oblique-bait perhaps, but we abandoned the enticing header clickbait model and other stuff after the events covered here. Apart from anything it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference to our bottom line no matter how many clicks we get, bringing us to…

We are entirely broke independent. We don’t get the state ad money. We don’t get the Denis money. We don’t get the Big Pharma money. We don’t get the Small Pharma money. We don’t get the Ganley money. We don’t get the Soros money. We do get the Google ads money which just about covers the site’s hosting fee and our lawyer’s rehab costs.

Thanks all.

Apollo House on Tara Street, Dublin 2

Conor Pope, in The Irish Times, reports:

“The site of the former Apollo House building in Dublin’s city centre has been sold to Pat Crean & Partners for more than €50 million.

“The Tara Street site comes with planning permission for a 10-storey over-basement office building, which will include ground floor retail, cafe, bar and restaurant units. It will also include 40 car parking spaces and 166 bicycle stands.”

Meanwhile, how did Apollo House get its name, anyone?

Developer Crean buys Apollo House in Dublin for more than €50m (The Irish Times)

Previously: Apollo House on Broadsheet


Preposterous: “Bodger, there have been a number of queries about Broadsheet from representatives of the traditional media in the last fortnight.”

Bodger: “Hurrah!”

Preposterous: “After eight years of indifference we have been approached by journalists wishing to write about the site”

Bodger: “Brilliant. Our recent series of excellent Golden Discs competitions I expect?”

Preposterous “They have been fascinating.”

Bodger: “They really have.”

Preposterous: “But no. It may have something to do with Gemma O’Doherty’s recent campaign.”

Bodger :”Ah.”

Preposterous “And I must warn you, much of the interest doesn’t seem particularly positive.”

Bodger: *dry swallow*

Preposterous: “Some of it centres around our finances.”

Bodger: “We have finances?”

Preposterous: “The accounts.”

Bodger: “We have accounts?”

Preposterous: “We have a complete set of books and are fully tax compliant.”

Bodger: “Nice.”

Preposterous: “Largely owing to the fact that they don’t tax ongoing, horrendous losses.”

Bodger: “Take that, Revenue.”

Preposterous: “I’m not sure that satisfied them.”

Bodger: “Sounds pretty humiliating.”

Preposterous: “It felt something close to shame.”

Bodger: “To be broke and then having to prove you’re broke.”

Preposterous: “The concept that we do this for nothing was not credible.”

Bodger “And the sense of not being believed when you say you’re broke.”


Bodger: “A broke, broken dude. A hollow, disbelieved shell.”

Preposterous: “Well…”

Bodger: “I mean you’re not a young man.”

Preposterous:  (adjusts top knot) “No.”

Bodger: “You’re an old guy. With a commercially unviable website.”

Preposterous: “With enormous potential and a loyal…”

Bodger:”A sad old dreamer trolled and laughed at by right thinking people.”

Preposterous: “Onwards.” (smiles weakly)

Bodger: “You’ve nothing to show for eight years except the contempt of your fellow journalists, an ability to swallow your pride on a minute to minute basis and Leather Jacket Guy’s private number.”

Preposterous: “That’s just a regular number he gives out.”

Bodger: “Well, exactly. The whole thing is ridiculous.”

Preposterous: “It does sound pretty bleak when put like that.”

Bodger: “Preposterous, even.”

Preposterous: “That too.”

Bodger: “Yes.”

Preposterous: “Yes.”

Bodger: “Think on that.”

Preposterous: “Yes. I will.”

Bodger: “I would.”

*both stare into middle distance to sound of Chompsky snoring*

To be continued.



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