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Silly season.

What silly season?

The Cappamore grandmother [Cecelia O’Dwyer, above, with grandchildren Shelley and Lorcan] has had just two washing machines in the last 44 years, with barely a problem. At one wash a day that works out at over 16,000 loads – and with four children and living on a farm it could even have been a lot more.

In 1986, the Cappamore grandmother won a Miele competition to find the oldest model of their machine in the country. Her 30-year-old machine took the prize.

…History has repeated itself as 26 years later her Zanussi washing machine is still going strong.


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Limerick woman’s First Washing Machine Lasted 30 years, And Her Second One Is Going Strong After 26! (Donal O’Regan, Limerick leader)

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