No One Gets Out Of Here Alive


That storm you ordered.

And how plausible is it that the removal of Sam Smyth from a Sunday morning radio programme on Today FM, which Denis O’Brien controls, and his ostracisation now within the Irish Independent to which he is contracted (not one article by him has been published for some months), isn’t part of the same campaign which Denis O’Brien and Leslie Buckley, conducted against Sam Smyth in 2010?

Denis O’Brien has said he does not control INM. However, given his interference in editorial matters in INM, in contradiction of the principles he himself has enunciated, even aside from the findings of the Moriarty tribunal against him, I do not believe Denis O’Brien is a fit person to be allowed control the country’s second most powerful media enterprise.



Why I Think O’Brien Is Not A Fit Person To Control INM (Vincent Browne, Irish Times)

(Laura Hutton, Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)


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