Broadsheet Trailer Park: Seven Psychopaths



What you may need to know.

1. It’s been four years since In Bruges (2008). Meaning, it’s been four years since Colin Farrell starred in a good movie.

2. Lest we forget, Martin McDonagh won an Oscar for Best Short Film for Six Shooter (2004). Respect.

3. Seven Psychopaths was meant to co-star Mickey Rourke, who threw a mickey fit over cash. They got Woody Harrelson in instead.

4. Tom Waits.

5. Tom Waits

6. McDonagh did a stage play called A Beheading In Spokane, starring Crazy Chris Walken and Sam The Rock Rockwell, both of whom feature here. We want it on the Abbey stage NOW.

7. The Farreller was in Dublin last night. This one’s for you, Bullseye.

8. Tom Waits

Release Date: October 12 (US)

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